5 Sure-fire Tips for Successful Google AdWord Campaign

Google Adwords Successful Tips

There are two key purposes behind AdWord campaign: to get branded and to generate leads, if neither of this is not achieved, the massive effort you put behind it will be vain. So if you’ll be able to know top AdWord marketers’ top secrets behind successful AdWord campaigns, you could stretch your effort to build successful campaigns. Let’s see what their top secrets are.

  1. Create Compelling AdWords Headlines

Clearly purpose displaying headlines are very important to your ad copy. You should master how to use keywords and incentives to tremendously increase clicks. The below ad copy of fugenx.com shows you all.

Google Adwords Successful Tips-1


  1. Blend Branded Terms with Altered Broad Keywords

Quality Score is the top metric that lowers your CPCs and simultaneously boost your ad rank. Most advertisers try to tweak their accounts to mount up quality score from the current place to peak 10. Google calculates your quality score based on exact matches to your keyword term. By using ‘+’ sign in the ad copy, you can perfectly differentiate branded and non-branded terms. For example, the keyword setting like ‘American + sports + shoes’ yield you better results.

  1. Leverage Location-Based Bid Modifiers

One of the finest ways to fine tune your AdWords account is to leverage location-based bid modifiers. For example, if you are selling hunting equipment, your campaign get good results in tier 2 and 3 cities or rural areas, not in metropolitan cities. So tweak your Geography settings, which you can do by heading to the Dimensions Tab, where you can find a sortable report that breaks down your performance based on country, region, metro area, city and “most specific location.

Once you’ve sorted out your result-oriented locations, set a positive bid adjustment for every location you prefer at location targeting settings. Higher bids will yield better visibility as well as conversions.

  1. Remarketing – Conversion Guaranteed

Prominently, if you’re running campaign for B2C business, remarketing brings you top results. You may know, if you set up remarketing option, it will follow users who clicked your ad wherever they go. It is also capable enough to create a strong brand impression. Even I was also persuaded by particular ads many times to make a purchasing decision. While setting up, you will have two options “bid only” or “target and bid.” Choosing “target and bid” lets you remarket to the appropriate past site visitors.

  1. Use Negative Keywords

Using negative keywords allows you to serve ads to only targeted customers and it also ensures you will get only valid clicks. For example, if you’re running campaign for your mobile app development service, when a user search for mobile app development tools, if you don’t want to show your add for that keyword, you can remove such negative keywords like ‘tools’, and ‘course’ that are not your target.



Achieving top outcomes in AdWord is not a rocket science. But you can achieve it through campaign by campaign, not in random attempts. As the campaign go, you will be able to find out loopholes in the campaign and sharpen the strategies that are required to ride over competitors.


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