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Backlinks are most essentials part for a website to rank high in search engine. I still believe that many people don’t have clear understanding of Backlinks and it’s usage. Let me tell you, backlinks nothing but the references from other website to your website. The more number of references will result better ranking in search engines. That translates people are liking your website and referring others to visit your website.

Google believes that the more number of backlinks or references will help website to position better than its competitors. That means the more number of backlinks will result better position. What do you think?

The statement is partially true, let me tell you why. Google says, more backlinks will boost your website ranking, which is true but those backlinks should be relevant to your website. Got confused???

Let’s say your website is all about selling Dog Foods and you want to your website to be rank better position than your competitors. Let’s assume your competitor has 2000 backlinks, as per google you need to build more than 2000 backlinks to gain that position. Am I right?

So you started building backlinks from various niches i.e. Cat, Shoes, Garden, Ocean, Fish, etc. and successfully build more than 2000 backlinks. What do you think, will your website take your competitor position? A BIG NO, it cannot.

The reason behind this is, your website is all about selling Dog Food but the backlinks are from different niches, which is completely irrelevant. Google does not like this kind of backlinks and it may possible that your website may penalize by google. Google considers these kind backlinks as spammy links.

You must build relevant backlinks. If you website is in Dog niche then all the backlinks should from Dog relevant niches. That will boost your website ranking. Building thousands of irrelevant backlinks will never help you to accomplish your goal to get a better positioning in search engines.

I have analyzed many websites and found that only quality and relevant backlinks helps to get better positioning. Quality backlinks matter than Quantity.

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  • Ensure the backlinks are relevant to the Topic
  • Ensure the backlinks have good Domain and Page Authority
  • Ensure the backlinks don’t have spamy contents
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