Best Way to Select Amazon Products for Promotion

If you are not aware of The Best Way to Choose Amazon Products for Promotion, you are in right place. I will guide you the exact step by step procedure.

Step1: You have to promote those products, which are already selling. Don’t look for the products which are not selling because it may take long time to convince people to buy it. That’s why look for Amazon Best Sellers because these products are selling very rapidly on Amazon. Open Amazon Site and Search for Amazon Best Sellers. If you don’t how to do it, then google it, with the search word “Amazon Best Sellers” you will get the link like this “Amazon Best Sellers” . Once you open that link, it will take you to the Amazon’s Best Sellers Category.

Amazon Best Sellers

Step2: Now from the below Amazon Best Sellers Categories, select a category of your choice. Also you can check which category pays more, based on that also you can choose your product to promote.

Amazon Best Sellers2

Amazon Best Sellers1



















Step3: Let’s say you select “Shoes” Category as it’s payout is more compared to other categories.

Amazon Best Sellers3


Step4: Now select the product of your choice but ensure it’s RATINGS more than 4 ½ and more than 1000 people bought it.

Amazon Best Sellers7

Step5: Now click one of your selected product to explore the details. Here I have selected “Superfeet GREEN Premium Insoles” Shoe.

Amazon Best Sellers8


Step6: Check the product details and if you go down of the page you will find “Product Description” and Reviews about the product. Read the Reviews so that you will have confident on the product to promote and you will also know what people are talking about this product. Now from the Product Description section, copy the ASIN Number, i.e. ASIN Number B0032ALZL8 

Amazon Best Sellers-9

Step7: Now you have the product of your choice, which you want to promote online. Now login to your Amazon Affiliate Account and Search for this product using the copied ASIN Number.

Amazon Best Sellers10

Amazon Best Sellers11

Step8: To generate your affiliate link, click the “Get Link” Icon.

Amazon Best Sellers12

Step9: Now Click on the Highlight HTML Icon to select the code that are written inside the box and copy it.

Amazon Best Sellers13

Step10: There are many ways you can promote this code i.e. Social Medias (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc). Just copy the code on the status and share it with your friends. If someone interested, they may buy it and you will get paid. Look for my other articles on “Best way to Promote Affiliate Products Online”.

Conclusion: Product selection plays very vital role before you start promoting the products online. It require lots of search and understanding about the product and its popularity. So do little research before you promote any affiliate marketing product.

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