Write A Review and Get Flipkart Voucher Worth Rs.500

Flipkart Write Review and Get Paid

Today I saw something interesting in my inbox and thought of sharing with you people. The site called “www.collegespeak.in” is running a campaign for the college going people. And the Deal is like this, if you Write a Review about your College, you will get Flipkart Voucher Worth Rs.500. It’s good money for the college going…

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Earn Extra Money – Part III

This my third post i.e. Earn Extra Money – Part III where I will be taking you through a new way of making money online. Now a days earning extra money genuinely is not at all a big deal. Even a layman can do it with a little guidance and training. There are numerous opportunities you…

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Earn Extra Money – Part II

Refer and Get Paid It’s human psychological behavior that when we experience something good or bad in life, we share it with our near and dear ones. We recommend them either to experience it, if its good or do not recommend them if it’s bad. Which in terms help them either to experience the good…

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Earn Extra Money – Part I


I’m Kallol Parida, creator of Kallol360.com. If you are serious to start an online business of your own but don’t know where to start, this page is for you. Subscribe my newsletter to get updated. From the beginning, I just want to warn you that we are talking about the business and your seriousness towards…

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