Earn Extra Money – Part I


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From the beginning, I just want to warn you that we are talking about the business and your seriousness towards your own business is very much necessary. Without of it, business cannot be operated, it will collapse. Making money online is not easy as we think, it requires lot of discipline, proper planning, execution and monitoring.

Today’s I am going to share with you one of the many ways to make extra money online. Which I call it Domain Naming Business. It’s story about a person, who made $200,000  dollar by spending just few dollar.

You may be thinking, what he did and how he did?

This is very simple and straight forward strategy, so anyone can do it. But it requires lots of discipline, patient, smartness, awareness and outlook towards the recent trending all over the world. In internet you will get enormous opportunities to make money but if you don’t know how to convert those opportunities to business, then you are not the man. Not to worry about it, I am here to help you all the possible way that I know. Coming day I will be sharing lots of ways to make extra money online.  So keep visiting my site or subscribe my newsletter for getting automatic FREE updates.

Let me tell you what he did and how?

This person is a businessman, he always keeps him updated on recent trending’s that are happening across the world. It was the time, when EBOLA Virus was in news and slowly trending. So he registered this new domain called EBOLA.COM on his name. He thought the demand for this domain may go high in coming days. He just hold this domain for sometime and finally he Sold this domain EBOLA.COM at $200,000 Dollar. Click the below picture to explore more about this.

This man just sold Ebola.com for $200,000


Isn’t sounds amazing. If he can, then why can’t you…

So here is what you need to do;

Step1: Check what’s Trending an it’s Potential to make Business 

Step2: Register a .Com Domain on that particular trending topic.

Step3: Hold it for sometime or Post it on Flippa or Godaddy for Selling.

Step4: Negotiate and Close the Deal.


Keep observing the things that are happening or trending around you and in world, you never know, you may be the next Millionaire.

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