Earn Extra Money – Part II

Refer and Get Paid

It’s human psychological behavior that when we experience something good or bad in life, we share it with our near and dear ones. We recommend them either to experience it, if its good or do not recommend them if it’s bad. Which in terms help them either to experience the good or save them to have the bad experience. It’s a normal human tendency and we do it everyday, every hour in our live without even knowing about it.

We never get paid for this free services but still we do it. Let me know tell you an example, Mr. John went to a local restaurant along with his family for a dinner, he was very impressed with their food and their services. So next day he recommended few of his friends to try this restaurant and their friends went to that restaurant and enjoyed as well. So one fine day, Mr. John went to that restaurant and asked the manager can I get some commissions as I gave you few customers to you. So what do you think, did the restaurant manager gave some commission to Mr. John or just replied a BIG NO. You are right, it’s a BIG NO. Because we know, how the restaurant operates their business.

As I said earlier, whenever we experience something good or bad, we just recommend the same to our near ones. So Mr. John did the same thing, as he experienced the good food, so he recommended to his friends, so that they will also the good experience of the restaurant food.

The working model in Digital World (Internet) is completely different than the traditional way of doing the business. So whenever you experience something good, you can recommend it and get paid for that. Isn’t sounds awesome. In digital terminology we call it Affiliate Marketing.

What’s a an Affiliate Marketing? Answer is, you recommend others product and get paid for that. Today I will be showing the exact process of Affiliate Marketing and How you can make money out of it.

Let me tell you how it works;

There are many online companies who have affiliate programs, e.g. Amazon, eBay, ClickBank, CJ, etc.

Step1: I would recommend you to start with Amazon Affiliate Program if you are a beginner; it’s very easy to get the Amazon Affiliate ID. Fill up the Amazon Affiliate Program form, which is known as Amazon Associate Program and Submit it for review.

If you don’t know how to fill the Amazon Affiliate Form, Read my article “Step by step process to signup for an amazon affiliate program”.

Step2: After successful verification of your application form, Amazon will provide you a unique Affiliate ID along the credentials to login to your Amazon Associate Program. Affiliate ID will help Amazon to record the sales and payment will be released based on that.

Step3: You are now ready to recommend Amazon Products to the people and make money. Look for the products on Amazon Store which you want to promote or recommend. If you don’t know how to select best amazon products to promote, you can ready my article “Best Way to Select Amazon Products for Promotion”.

Step4: After selecting the Amazon products that you want promote, next you need to create an Affiliate Link. Affiliate Link, helps Amazon to record the sales for that particular product. It also helps to monitor your sales for that particular product. Below are the steps to generate the affiliate link;

  • Copy the ASIN Number of your selected product – ASIN: B00T7EMMGA
  • Search the ASIN on Amazon Associate Program Search BoxAmazon Search Box
  • After the searched product, click on the Get Link;
    Amazon Search Box2
  • Now select the Ad Type (Text or Image), if Image then select Size (Small, Medium or Large).
    Amazon Search Box3
  • Now click on Highlight HTML Button and Copy the HTML Code.

Step5: Now it’s the time to promote your products. But the question is, how to promote the amazon product? I know initially you may think it’s a hard job to do but actually it’s not. Answer to your question, here are the steps to promote the products online;

  • Copy the HTML Code (Affiliate Link) for the Product that you want to Promote
  • Login to your Social Media Accounts i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc
  • Paste the Code on Update Status and write something about the Product
  • After few seconds, it will show you the Amazon Product Details,
  • Now Click the Post/Share Button to Publish
  • If anyone see your Amazon Post and Click it, it will take him to the Amazon Website. If he/she buys the product, some percentage of that product will be credited to your Amazon Affiliate Account.
  • Once your Amazon Account Reaches the Minimum Payout Amount, the money will be credited to your Bank Account.
  • There are many ways to promote the products online but if you are a beginner just start with this process. It’s easy and effective.

This is the very general and standard approach to promote any product online. Check my other blogs on, the best way to promote products online.

I wrote this article to understand the process of affiliate marketing and how it works. Like Amazon you can start with other affiliate programs. Before you start with any affiliate program, just check, how they are going to transfer the money to your bank account, sometimes it varies country to country.

Read this article on “Best Affiliate Programs That You Must Opt For”, which may give you the better clarity about the best affiliate programs that people are opting.

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