Facebook Launches TV-Style Ads in Facebook Live

Facebook Live Ads

Everybody knows how Facebook Live enriched the engagement level that the social world had before. With the Facebook Live, anybody can stream incidents or events live from anywhere in the world. Recording a video and sharing it is a bit lengthy process, but live is something that excites audiences.

Today Facebook Live is not just limited to celebrities to talk with their fans, rather political events leverage it to connect the event to people dispersed in varied locations. I recently experienced when one of the Indian ministers live streamed his election rally via Facebook Live. That was heavily successful, gaining and retaining the attention of more people than the people in the place. Since Facebook Live is open for every user, it is going to become a big trend in coming days. Facebook Live has been even helpful for mobile app development companies who develop innovative live TV apps.

I think I have gone beyond the matter. Let me come to the matter. Yes, Facebook launched TV-Style Ads in Facebook Live, which could bring a big number revenue to the company.

As it is targeting to create value for both sides: video creators and for the company itself, this new initiative is expected to become a tough competitor to YouTube. This initiative lets video creators make money by creating or crafting live videos.The announcement of adding TV-style commercials in Facebook Live videos came on February 23.

But you can’t think everyone can make money online by just creating creative live videos. In order to make money off, the user has to have 2,000 or more followers and an audience number of a minimum of 300 viewers in his recent live video. YouTube is already provisioning 55% of the revenue to the video creator that every ad generates from the advertiser. But Facebook didn’t reveal what will be the share between creators and broadcasters.

A blog post from Facebook regarding the monetization of Facebook Live stated that the video creator can take their first ad break after the four minutes of the video started. The next ad breaks can be taken for every five minutes, but the break should last for maximum 20 seconds. The beta testing of this move is being done with a small group of video creators. When Facebook reported its latest earnings, Zuckerberg said the video is a megatrend nowadays and a majority of its ad revenue come from video ads.

It seems Facebook is much more interested in video content. Recently, as Reuters reported Facebook is in talk with Major League Baseball (MLB) to live stream their games on its platform. Facebook might stream one game per week. Last year, Facebook streamed the Professional Golf Association (PGA) Tour and some basketball games on its platform. Livestreaming the sports games will be a big benefit for audience perspective. And on the other hand, Facebook could regain the engagement level that it felt the engagement level is declining.


Facebook is really in a big action to harness the increased demand for videos. As people are gradually becoming familiar with live videos, the ad agenda will definitely be a major revenue source for the company. Let’s see how it will impact the video world.

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