How Google AdWords can be used to boost SEO?

Google Adwords Tips

Google AdWords are commonly used as a major PPC network by most of the advertising companies. It is also used for SEO in addition to getting paid traffic on the website. This article deals with some of the best tips for making use of AdWords for SEO.

Research of Keywords

Keyword research is the most important benefit of using AdWords for SEO. The SEO campaign relies heavily on the use of keywords. It is desirable for SEO experts to continuously keep their efforts in researching and finding out new keywords since most of the users nowadays research for keywords that are unexpected and even lengthier than what you might think. Ultimately the search engine rankings of the website will be determined by the keywords that users searches the most rather than the list of keywords you might have determined.

The best way to do keyword research is by making use of a keyword research tool. The most popular tool available till date is Google AdWords Keyword Tool. All you have to do is to put the website URL or keywords of your choice within the tool and a detailed list of suggested keywords would be displayed in return. You can then shortlist the keywords by taking an in-depth look at the suggested keywords list.

Instead of going behind all the keywords, it is desirable to shortlist a few of them and optimizing those keywords that arrives with decent search volumes. Ensure the keywords you select are among the ones that is facing the lowest competition in Google. It has to be understood that easier keywords to be optimized would be the ones having higher ratios.

Ensure the selected keywords work well

It is one of the most important phases during keyword selection. You will have to ensure primarily whether the selected keywords are working on your favour. Choosing the keywords can be defined as successful only when they are put in to practice and turn out to be successful. There are instances in which users select a keyword with better search volumes and less competition but still find short of converting them in to their favour. So a careful selection of keyword is much desirable than merely choosing a few.

Studies have suggested keywords such as ‘Search Engine Optimization’ is found to have higher bounce rates compared to much more specific keywords such as ‘SEO Tips’ as well as ‘SEO Guide’ etc. These keywords were found to be performing better than the keyword such as ‘Search Engine Optimization’. You would have known the result in advance if AdWords tool have been used instead of performing organic SEO. The result would have been worth the money spent for AdWords rather than wasting the SEO efforts through organic SEO for a year.

Improved CTR with existing rankings

If you are looking forward for an improved ‘Click through Rate’ or CTR with the present ranking of your website, then AdWords tool is the right tool which will help you achieve that other than providing effective keyword research. The presence of improper titles and descriptions can still result in lower CTR and in the inability to monetize the traffic even though results show that the keyword has been ranking well and receiving a lot of traffic towards the website. Implementing AdWords campaign is capable of offering enhanced performance or conversion rates and users can use this tool to find a winning combination of titles and descriptions unless they feel maximum CTR has been achieved for their keywords. Even though it can be a time consuming process and can even result in lower CTRs, the results are worth the time spent if the correct titles and description combination are obtained which will further maximize the organic search CTR as well.

Geographically based SEO

Geo-targeting is another key benefit of using AdWords tool. The Google Analytics tool can be used to compare how different locations have conversion rates especially if you are looking forward for enhanced website traffic from a few selected geographical locations. Changes in conversions in a considerable way have to be expected for the same keywords with respect to different geographical locations.

More effort can be invested in optimizing the keywords for those countries where the conversion rates are found to be the best using the Google Analytics tool. Good conversion rates can be obtained in these countries by means of creating local pages for the specific countries as well as targeting the geo-specific keywords that gives better conversion rates for the website.


These above mentioned uses makes AdWords tool much more than a tool just tailored for advertisers. The advantages provided by AdWords tool makes it an ideal choice for a lot of SEO experts as well as publishers too. Users can save in a lot of considerable time and money in optimizing the keywords with the help of AdWords tool that provides them with some of the most valuable insights. It is also a cost-effective option since with respect to time those who invest money in maximizing their SEO benefits using AdWords tool will see a significant improvement in traffic without any increase in the costs.

Similarly more than Geographical targeting, the following techniques are also available for maximizing the ROI with the search marketing. The list includes language targeting with the availability of 40 language options for SEO campaign purposes. Optimal targeting can be achieved by choosing specific hours in a day by advertisers. Auto-tagging is another key benefit of using the AdWords tool. These features make AdWords tool the most direct and effective way of marketing the business online. It further helps display your website on the most accurate and relevant results as per the user’s search query and thereby improving the conversion rates.

The benefits are many and here are few of the key benefits offered by AdWords tool.

  • Cost-effective
  • Measurable
  • Goal-oriented
  • Maximum Importance

Thus there is no doubt that Google AdWords tool has become an inevitable choice for the advertisers, publishers and even SEO experts.

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