How to Build Backlinks Using DropMyLink Webtool


How to Build Backlinks using this Simple Web Tool – DropMyLink

Still many of us don’t know How to Build Backlinks. Building backlinks for your business is always been challenging. Thousands hours of efforts just goes away when Google updates its Panda and Penguin. No one has no idea, about those updates, just matter few seconds you site rank drops from first page to tenth page of google search engine, that directly impacts your business overnight? Isn’t it.

SEO Experts says on How to Build Backlinks, you must get the relevant backlinks for your business to avoid any sort of penalisation from google. Getting irrelevant back links may kill your business overnight and it’s so possible that your site will be black listed. Let’s say you are running a technological blog but got backlinks from dog blogs. That matters for google. Being a technological blogger, you must get backlinks from blogs or forums where people are talking about your technology.

You may be thinking where I am going to get those blogs or forums that talk about my niche. I can understand the question, it is quite obvious if you haven’t played with Google Searching Tricks. No worries, I will be addressing all those questions and guide you step by step on How to Build Backlinks for your website.

I don’t know, how many of you know about this website called Being a blogger I would say it’s a one of the Must Have SEO Tool. Basically this tool fetches information from Google Database using the Google Search Tricks. It bit difficult to Remember the Google Search Tricks, if you are not doing it on daily basis. So this tool makes life easy by writing the required search strings for us. Let’s understand How to Build Backlinks using DropMyLink.


How to use DropMyLink Tool?

To use this tool, you must Sign up dropmylink and complete two step process to create an account.

How to Build Backlinks Using DropMyLink Webtool-1


Step 1# Enter your Email Address and click on Sign up Now



Step 2# Enter your password twice and complete signup.



After successfully creating the account, you will be landed at DropMyLink Home Page;



Now let’s play around this tool and create some backlinks for our website. Before that let me give you brief introduction about this tool.

This tool has five menu’s i.e. Any Time, 10 Results, Any TLD, Category and Footprint.


Any Time# Allow you to select the time line to fetch the data.



10 Results: By default it will show you 10 results at a time in a single search page. Select 30 if you want to all the 30 search results to be display in a single search page.



Any TLD# By default it will fetch all the Top Level Domains (TLD). Select .Edu or .Gov for fetching specific government or education domain links.



Category # Defines the type of category that you are searching for.



Footprint# It will show you the footer information like “post a comment” “powered by” etc. These information helps to find the required sites.



Now let’s use this tool and generate few backlinks for our website. For one of my blog page on “backlinks”, I want to build the backlinks that relevant to my niche. Checkout the below image and see how I did it. Let me explain you;

I need Past Year Data with 30 Results in a Single page view from all Any TLD. I am searching for “backlinks” from CategoryComment Backlinks” and FootprintDo-follow Comments”. That translated into the below query;

Query#  backlink “Notify me of follow-up comments?”+”Submit the word you see below:”



Now either you click on “Search” in DropMyLink Tool or copy the generated query and paste it on Google to get the results. You will get same results doing different ways because in background it runs the same query.


Look at the results below. It pulled out the relevant information from Google Database using this tool. But our primary question remains the same, How to Build Backlinks for website? Let’s talk about that.


Go to the results tab; you will see 30 search results showing in one page. Click on each link and browse that page.  Go to end of the page, where you will find comments section.  Before commenting be ensured that you read the article properly. While commenting, look how others commented. That will give you the idea how to comment that will get approved by site admin. Some blogs are auto approved, as soon as you post your comments, it will be immediately posted. But most of the blogs are manually approved, if they don’t like your comments they will not approve it. Look the way I commented below and asked owner to visit my website. This is the smart way of creating a backlinks to your website. The website owner will never realize that I am trying to create a backlink for my website. Once you drafted the comments, click on Post as Your Name to submit.



I am very impressed with this tool for getting and building the quality backlinks for my website. I would definitely recommend you to give a try.


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