How to Conduct a Good Survey that Helps Your Business

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How to Conduct a Good Survey?

How to conduct a good survey? There is no such thing called “Good Survey”and “Bad Survey”.  Surveys basically are conduction to ensure that if your product is going to acceptable by the people for whom you are developing. Now a days people are bit introvert with respect to the sales and marketing people. They don’t want to talk to those people because they force them either to buy something or ask something to do. So talking to those strangers requires lots of skills and preparations. Even though its bit hard and complex things to do, still before you launch your product you need to talk to those people for whom you are developing the products.

Then how to approach those people; here are Do’s and Don’t’s


  1. Pitch Your Ideas
  2. Talk about Your Products
  3. Ask Hypothetical Questions
  4. Ask Closed Ended Questions


  1. Ask Open Ended Questions
  2. Carefully Listen to them and Write or Record it
  3. Be Calm and Patient

Here are few examples of it; how to ask question while interviewing the people

  • What’s the hardest part about the particular Problem?
  • Can you tell me about the last time that this pain point happened?
  • Why was this a difficult problem for you?
  • What, if anything, have you done to solve that problem?
  • Why or what you disliked when you tried the solutions?

Always keep in mind while interviewing the people, the trickiest part is how to talk about the problem and recording their reactions to it.

Now let’s talk about talking Online or Offline Surveys. Surveys plays quite significant roles for developing and optimising your product or services. So it’s quite essential to draft the questionnaire properly, otherwise you will end up with collecting unnecessary data, that may not help your business.

  1. Prepare questionnaires relevant to your product or business
  2. Either ask Yes or No type questions else Multiple Choice Option
  3. Better Keep It Short and Simple and Try to ask maximum of 10 Questions
  4. Ask Real Time Questions that People can understand and relate
  5. Use Simple English or Local Language so that common people can understand by reading it

Depending upon your size of the market, you can collect the Survey Report but on an average if you are getting responses more than 1000 people, should be fine. If you are only targeting online users, then there are plenty of Free and Paid Survey Tools are available in the market. Checkout at Best Market Survey Tools for Startups. 

Once information gathering phase is completed, now it’s time to analyse that information. Improper analysis could ruin your product and business. So be careful while analysing those collected data. Figure it out if your current product or services are addressing those areas as per the survey report. If not, it’s the time to re-work on your product and address those pain areas that you came across from the conducted survey report. Sometimes you will be amazed to see the survey report that you never expected. No one know how the customer behave on daily basis. Based on our assumptions we build product or services to satisfy them. But it’s not necessary that your product will be liked. It’s very complex things to understand the customer and market behaviour.

Conducting survey is not only helps to understand your product well but also give you the space to understand how much money should be spend on Sales and Marketing to promote it. It’s the deciding factor how to position yourself into the market.

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