How To Do Online Market Analysis Using Market Samurai Keyword Research Tool

Market Analysis Using Market Samurai Keyword Research Tool

Many people are launching their new websites not even knowing if there is a potential market for it. This is the biggest mistakes are being practised by many online entrepreneurs. Which causes the main reason to fail. Before launching your website or online business always be ensured that there is a potential market exists.

Let’s say you want to launch your blog site on “Insurance“, so my next question to you would be, Why?. Because that gives you more clear vision toward your goal that you want to achieve. Let’s say you answer is “I want to build blog site on the topic “Insurance” and help people to provide quality information’s.  In return I will generate money by place Google Ads on it. Because Insurance is the topic that is being mostly searched by the people around world.”

Looking at this answer, my next question would be, When you want to earn money? Do’t take it otherwise, its very crucial to question to understand. Because you want to jump into a such market where the competition is very high and may take longer time and more money to sustain. Would be interested to invest into that market? Of course your answer will be BIG NO.

Let’s figure it out, what can be done to enter into that market and have a sustainable income with less time. Let’s done some research on it.

Our Goal here is to check the Market Competition and Potential Income for the keyword “Insurance“. Which will give us fair idea if that market is suitable for you to do the business.


Before you launch your website, you must do proper keyword analysis for those respective keywords that you want your site to be listed on the top of Google Search Engine. There are many Free and Paid Keyword Research Tools available in the market but the most preferred one is Market Samurai Keyword Research Tool. This is the most preferable tool among the Digital Marketer Professionals.

Market Samurai Overview

Here I will be not taking in detail overview about the Market Samurai Keyword Research Tool. If you are interested to know more about this product, you can watch their online videos.

To start with, you need to Download Market Samurai Keyword Research Tool and install it. Without paying anything, you can try Market Samurai for 30 days for FREE. For this application to use, you need to have Google Account. Installation and Configuration is quite easy and simple. After installation, when you launch Market Samurai for the First Time, it will ask for Google Account. Because it will use you account to fetch keywords from Google.



When you launch Market Samurai for the first time, you will be promoted to name your project Title and Keyword. Under Project Title, you can enter relevant name to your project and type your niche keyword under the Keyword Box.





After entering your project title and Keyword into the box, click on “Create” to create the Project Dashboard. Here you can change the country of your choice. Let’s say your website is going to cater to a particular country and you want to know the potential searches for that particular keyword. If you want to target the global user, then no need to change anything. Let it be in default settings.

Now you will get the interface as like below. Click on the “Keyword Research” option.



Now click the “Generate Keywords” to extract all the keywords relevant to “Insurance” from Google Database. Fetching the keywords may take little longer time depending upon your internet bandwidth.



Below are the keywords extracted from Google’s Database with relevant to your keyword.


Remove Negative Keywords: We got around 701 keywords and out of which there will be many keywords irrelevant to our seed keyword. Those irrelevant keywords need to be removed to make the work easy.

Market Samurai Keyword Test

Look at the above keyword “Florida Car Company” which is completely irrelevant to our seed keyword those keyword we call it “Negative Keyword”. Now click on the Cross Mark to mark as a negative keyword. Now click on update to remove those negative keywords from the list.

Market Samurai Negative Keyword Search

Keep Positive Keywords: Marking the keywords as positive, Market Samurai will only show those positive keywords.

Market Samurai Positive Keyword Search

Click on those keywords, which you feel its required and then click on “Check Mark” to mark it as a positive keyword. Here I click on “Insurance” as a positive keyword.

Market Samurai Positive Keyword Update

Now click on update to update the keyword list.

Market Samurai Update List

Now updating we have now 667 Keywords in our list out of 701.

Phrase Length:  Targeting One or Two Word Keyword Phrases will be more difficult to compete. So I would recommend you to consider three or more keyword phrases. Which will be easy to compete and getting result very fast. These keywords called Long Tail Keywords. Set Minimum as 3 and Maximum as 10 for Keyword Phrases.

Market Samurai Keyword Phrase Update

After selecting three keyword phrases, we further narrow down the search result to 583. Now we have quite good number of Long Tail Keywords in our list.

Let’s analyse those final keywords to check market competition and expected earning potential.


We got the below analysis report from Market Samurai Keyword Research Tool;


The data may be bit confusing with respect to their headlines, let me clarify you in details;

  • Searches : Total Searches – The daily number of people who search for a particular keyword.
  • SEO Traffic (SEOT) :  The maximum potential daily clicks that a #1 ranked site for this keyword term could potentially achieve. Indicator of potential traffic value of a keyword. Calculated as roughly 42% of searches.
  • SEO Competition (SEOC) : SEO Competition – The total number of webpages that mention a specific keyword term, in the same (phrase) word order, in Google’s index.
  • SEO Title Competition to SEO Competition Ratio (SEOTCR) : SEO Title Competition to SEO Competition Ratio – This is the ratio of SEOTC to SEOC. A low score can indicate weak competition in a market.
  • Title Competition (MSEOTC) : An indication of the number of web pages in the Majestic SEO database which have this keyword in their page title
  • Title and Anchor Competition (TACOMP) : The number of pages in Majestic SEO’s index which include this keyword in their page title as well as featuring external links with this keyword in anchor text.
  • Average Adwords Cost Per Click (AWCPC) : An indication of what you might expect to pay to have your ad appear for a particular keyword in Google – indicates the market value of individual visitors in a market. AWCPC must be considered alongside the SEOT score for a keyword to be fully understood. AWCPC is used together with SEOT to give the SEOV score.

I am very sure, if you don’t have prior experience on Market Samurai Keyword Research Tool, then its bit difficult to figure it out which keywords to choose from. No issues, Market Samurai has the solution for it. There are couple of inbuilt filters, which will help you to filter it out all those high competition keywords and suggest you the Best Ones. Lets try out that option;

Market Samurai Filters

Golden Rules Filter is the best one to choose. Lets apply the Golden Rules Filter to our list and see the results;


Finally we got 74 Golden Keywords suggested by Market Samurai. These keywords have very less competition and good potential to earn money. Let me export those keywords with respect their earning potential.

Profitable keywords are ones with a good amount of searches and minimal competition.

Market Samurai Potential Earning Report

Out of 74 Golden Keywords, we considered only 20 keywords to check the monthly average visitor and potential income.

Total Monthly Visitors = 80,346 

Total Earning Potential = $1,445,636

Wow, the results are quite amazing, isn’t it. Definitely this market has the potential to do the business. Lets checkout who are the current key players.  I have selected first two Golden Keywords i.e. Online Motor Insurance Quotes and Motor Insurance Quotes to check who are the top 10 websites.

For Online Motor Insurance Quotes Keyword


For Motor Insurance Quotes Keyword


Looking at the above SEO Results, I can say that it’s quite easy to compete with them. They have not optimised their keywords as per the SEO guidelines. Which will give you the opportunity to compete with them very easily.

If you have problem understanding the above values, its better to spend sometime to Watch and Learn Market Samurai Videos.


If you want to setup your online business and make profit out of it, then you have to spend sometime to do the keyword research. Which will give you the fair idea about that market. Never just into a market before analysing it. Before analysis, we have selected the “Insurance” Keyword but finally landed up with 74 golden hidden keywords that didn’t hit our mind.

Market Samurai Keyword Research Tools is such a powerful tool for any serious blogger/webmaster. Its one of the Must Have Tools if you are doing any online business.

Download Your Market Samurai FREE Trial Today.


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