How to Get Low Competition Long Tail Keywords Just in Minutes

How to Get Low Competition Long Tail Keywords Just in Minutes

The first thing that Online Marketer do, is the Keyword Research. People spend lots of time for getting Low Competition Long Tail Keywords for their business. In my early days, I went through so many blogs and books on How to do Keyword Research using Free or Paid Tools.  And tried all those stuff by spending many hours but results were not fulfilling my requirements. I experienced all those pain areas that I went through. Even sometime I thought of quitting this Online Business as it’s not my cup of tea. So much frustration had developed. Latter on I developed my way of doing things, somehow the results were quite good. The more you do, the more skills you are gonna develop. There are so many article available on internet to follow, then why you should read mine on How to Get Low Competition Long Tail Keywords Just in Minutes.

My approach is always quite simple and straightforward, I don’t want sometime to spend lots of time reading my articles and finally confused with, how to do it.

I don’t wanna that to be happen here. Just follow the simple Step by Step Guidelines on How to Get Low Competition Long Tail Keywords Just in Minutes and implement it.

 Here I am not gonna do any sort of magic to get those keywords for you. I am just sharing my experience here which I believe definitely going to help you a lot.

First Step : Getting Niche Keywords

Let’s assume you want to build a blog that should monetize. So for that you need to find a good niche which has the potential to earn your expected money. But thinking and getting a good niche is not that easy task to perform.

 Let me show you how to get a good niche in just few minutes to extract low competition long tail keywords.

Now a days most of the people have personal Gmail account, if you don’t have, Signup for Gmail Account today. Using your Gmail account, login to Google Adwords Account and select “Keyword Planner” under Tool’s menu as shown below;


It’s a free keyword research tool from Google. Using this tool, I will show you the transitioning from broad category of keywords to niche category of keywords. Let me show you how;

Now from the below three choices, select the first option “Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category


Now type your broad category keyword here as shown below and click on “Get Ideas” to pull all the relevant keywords from Google Database. I am searching for “celiac disease” , lets see what are the relevant keywords we are getting for this seed keyword;


The results are categorized as Ad Group Ideas and Keyword Ideas. Click on AD Group Ideas to get all the relevant keywords as a Group. Whereas the Keyword Ideas will show you mix ideas.

Look at the result, the monthly average searches for all ideas is equal to 1-10 Million. If you check the Group Idea Results, there are three groups i.e. Gluten Free, Gluten Foods and Gluten have more than 1 million searches per month and competition level is quite Low. Lets figure it out the Keyword Ideas;


Now look at these individual results, these are the low competition long tail keywords with high volume (average 1 million searches per month).


We started with “celiac disease” but also got other low competition keywords that has millions of searches per month. Previously we even didn’t know that millions of searches are happening for these keywords and competitions also very low. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true.

After playing with Google Free Keyword Research Tool, now we have few keywords that suits our requirements. But this much data is not sufficient to do a business, so let’s deepdive little more.

Let export all these low competition and high volume keywords and do a further analysis.

Second Step : Analysis of Niche Low Competition Long Tail Keywords

This step is quite simple and interesting. Here I will be testing each keyword in detail to find out the Low Competition Long Tail Keywords that we are looking for. Let’s jump into it;

One you should know why paying attention to Low Competition Long Tail Keywords are very important. You guys already know that, still let me explain you, may be there are people who doesn’t know about it. Low Competition Long Tail Keywords are easy to rank high in Google because it’s easy to target one sentence rather one or two words. I always prefer more than 4 Keywords, that gives me better results in short time.

 I am going to take help of Long Tail Pro – Paid Keyword Research Tool to do the analysis of all these  exported niche keywords. This tool makes your life easy, no brainstorming, just run it and sit relax. It will do everything for you just in matter of few minutes. 

Being a Online Marketer, Long Tail Pro is the must have tool. Not only myself but also all the professional online marketer’s first choice. If you don’t have it, just download Long Tail Pro Version 3 and use it for FREE next 30 days.


I may not take you in detail step by step process of Long Tail Pro Keyword Research Tool. Because our goal here is to find out the best Long Tail Keywords and for which I will be using this tool.

For the first time when you launch this tool, it will ask you to input license details and gmail account details. After that it will take you the Long Tail Pro Dashboard.


To start with first click on  long-tail-pro-plus-symbol symbol to give a name to this project. I named it as “Celiac Disease”  as I started with this keyword. Next if you want to target specific country then you can change the Country and Language. Let Search Network be “Google” and we are not including adult ideas here, so I switch it off this option. You can play around these options to know more about Long Tail Pro. Now click on “Create Project” to start it.


Click on “Find Keywords” to add all the keywords that you want to do the analysis. I have added Top Eleven Keywords that we got it from our last research using Google Free Keyword Research Tool. Just type one keyword at a time then hit add button to included in the list and click on “Generate Keywords and Fetch Data


Now it will start fetching the relevant keywords from Google Database and after that it will do analysis for those fetched keywords. This process might take little time depending upon your internet connection. For me it took around 4-5 minutes with 4 mbps Internet Connection. I would recommend you to have at least 1 mbps speed internet connection. Lets check how many keywords;


Long Tail Pro fetched 3840 keywords from Google database relevant to our supplied keywords. It’s quite huge numbers, isn’t it. Let’s filter all the unwanted keywords that we don’t need for our business. Before I take you through the filtration process, let me explain you the Long Tail Pro Tabs. That will give you more clarity to understand the filtration process.


Project Tab: Describes name of the Project, under which you are analysing the keywords. It’s recommended to have similar name as your keywords.

long-tail-pro-best-keyword-analysis-tool-find long-tail-pro-best-keyword-analysis-tool-tabs

Find Keywords: Allow you to add the keywords that you want to do the analysis

Keywords: Will display all Keywords that were fetched during the Keyword Generation Process

Suggested Bids: Show you suggested cost for each Keyword

Local Searches: Depending your initial country setting, it will display the number of local searches that are happening per month for that keyword

Global Searches: Will display number of searches that are happening for month for that keyword

Advertiser Competition: High – More number of ads showing for that keyword , Medium – Comparatively less ads showing up for that keyword, Low – Very less ads are showing up for that keyword

Number of Words: Will show word count for that keyword

Average Keyword Competition: Look at the below info-graphics. Always target low score keyword to rank easily anything below 40 should be fine.


Though most of the Tabs are self-explanatory, still I thought of describing you to make you better understanding. Hope things about Long Trail Pro bit clear now.

Let’s apply filter to remove all the unnecessary keywords from list to get the Golden Long Tail Niche Keywords. To do that, I set the filter as below in Long Tail Pro;

  • Suggested Bid  : Min $1 (Indian Rupees 60 ) Per Keyword
  • Local Searches : Min 1000 Per Month
  • Global Searches : Min 1000 Per Month
  • Number of Word :
  • Avg Keyword Competition : 35

You can see the tabs with red circle, how I set the filter.


After applying the filter finally I got 100 niche Golden Keywords out of 3840.  If you look closely the monthly searches for each keyword, the average is 1000. That means the total expected searches for those 100 keyword would be 100,000. And each keyword value is more than a $1, now you can think of the business potential for these 100 niche keywords.



Total Number of Expected Searches for 100 Keywords = 100 Keywords X 1000 Average Search for Each Keyword = 100,000 Searches per Month


Look at these low competition and high value golden keywords that I got it just spending few minutes. Isn’t awesome to have these golden keywords for your business. Using these golden keywords, you can build a profitable online business.


Final Conclusion:

Let’s calculate, How much time that I spend to get 100 Golden Long Tail Niche Keywords;

Time Spend on Google Free Keyword Research Tool = 2 Minutes

Time Spend on Long Tail Pro Paid Keyword Research Tool = 5 Minutes

So Total Time I Spend = 7 Minutes


Now this concludes my article on How to Get Low Competition Long Tail Keywords Just in Minutes

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In my next article I will show you, the step by step process on how I build the site using these 100 Golden Long Tail Niche Keywords.

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