How to Write Search Engine Optimized Content For Your Business


Develop the Skill to Write Search Engine Optimized Articles or Contents!!!

Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft said “Content is King” and that is true in the digital world. Billions of contents are being developed and published in the internet. Being an internet entrepreneur if you don’t understand this, it’s hard to sustain. I agree with what Mr. Bill Gate said but what if people are unable to find your great content that you have written? It is the biggest problem for most of us. I went through many blogs those are developed by so called Internet Marketing Guru’s, found the same silly mistake, none of their contents are fully SEO Optimized. I am not calling myself, a Guru, whatever I know and implement, only I share those information’s here. Being an internet entrepreneur, you should build the skill to Write Search Engine Optimized Articles or Contents for your business.

Let’s figure it out, how to address this in a professional way;

Step 1# How to Write Search Engine Optimized (SEO) Title

 Google pays first attention to your Article Title not inside the articles. No need to believe me, see the below;


I google the term “how to download pokemon go” and got the above results. If you look closely at their title, you will find all those keywords that we searched for.

Let’s say you want to write a content on “Apple iPhone 7 Accessories” , so here is the title suggestions;

Title #1 Best Apple iPhone 7 Accessories in New York

Title #2 Best Apple iPhone 7 Accessories for Cars

Advanced Suggestion #  Search the same keyword in Google and Check How the Advertisers Optimized the Ad Titles. Replicate the same for your headline. Because these people spend lots of money to find out the best keywords for their title.

Step 2# How to Write Search Engine Optimized (SEO) Friendly URL

I believe most of the people know how to write the url’s for their articles. I do see very few websites with non-opimitzed url. Still let me tell you why it’s most important to have proper optimized url’s.

As you already know that Google first looks for the optimized title and based on the optimised title, it checks how the article url’s organized.

Let’s say, you are Article Title is ” Best Apple iPhone 7 Accessories in New York” and your url is “” .

So what do you think, is it a good url to have for your business. It’s BIG No, am i right. You must have a url like this “”  or “”

How about this now. Its looks good and quite align to the subject line. Always be ensure make your short, and simple with your targeted keywords.

Step 3# Where to Place the Seed / Targeted Keywords inside the Content

Never ever try to write lots of seed keywords inside your article, which may get penalized by Google. It is also recommended not to place the seed keyword while starting the first paragraph.

Best recommendation is to place your keywords within first 100 words for the first paragraph of your article.

Step 4# Why H1 and H2 Tags Play Influential Role in Ranking Your Web Page

Still it’s the debatable question but 90% SEO Experts recommends that your website headline should be tagged as H1. Look at this Forbes Articles about the H1 and H2 Tagging.


Recommendations # Make Your Headline of the Article in an H1 Tag

Step 5# Why Content / Article Tagging Helps Users to Search Relevant Article

Content tagging helps someone for finding relevant contents that they are looking for. So far there is no confirmation whether it helps to rank your website or not. This optimization is required for your visitors who are coming to your website and searching for relevant information. For more information on Tagging, check this article Content Tagging by Mozilla.


Step 6# Why to use LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) Keywords

LSI keywords usually found along with your seed keywords. Let’s you are writing contents on “Apple iPhone 7 Accessories” , so the LSI keywords would be

“Apple iPhone 7 Charger”

 “Apple iPhone 7 Screen Guard”

“Apple iPhone 7 Cover”

“Apple iPhone 7 Docking Station”

Add 1-2 LSI Keywords in each of your Article.

It helps google to gain the confidence about your article and ranks well.

Step 7# Why to Build Internal and Outbound Links

Building internet page links helps Google to understand that the richness of the content. By doing this You are not only helping Google but also helping your visitors to read your other pages too.

Creating OutBound Links to High Authoritative Websites gives more credibility about your content to Google. Google believes that you are trying to convey genuine and authentic information to your visitors. Check at WikiPedia Contents.


Step 8# Why Image Tagging and Optimization Needed

Sometime people search images to get the relevant contents. If your image is properly tagged and optimized, it help Google to rank hang for that optimized keywords. If you are using WordPress, while importing the images you have to do as like this;


Always be ensure that URL, Title, Caption, Alt Text and Description field is properly drafted.

Step 9# What is Importance of Meta Keyword Optimization

Meta Keywords and Meta Description Tags contribute to Google Rankings. These two field should not be left blank. Meta Keywords basically the gist of your article that you are feeding to Google. While writing the Meta Keywords always be ensured that you are putting your seed or target keywords inside it. For CMS Websites like WordPress, there are Plugins available which helps your task easier.

 <meta name=”keywords” content=”keywords, keyword, keyword phrase, etc.”>

Yoast SEO Plugins for WordPress is the most preferable plugins to optimize your Meta Keywords. Here I am using Yoast SEO Plugins to optimise the Meta Keywords.

Yoast SEO Plugin has the Visual Indications that will give you the fair idea about your content, if it’s properly optimized. There are many more options you will have, you can download Yoast SEO Plugins for WordPress and give a try.


I am getting pretty good results by implement these rules in my websites. I am sure it will also work for you.

Guys, don’t believe me blindly, implement these strategy today and share your experience, so that it will help others to gain the confidence.


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