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Kontent Machine Discount

Kontent Machine Discount Sales 40% OFF

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Kontent Machine Discount

Buy Kontent Machine Discount Price before offer gets closed. Kontent Machine Review will give you detail insider about the tool. Content plays vital roles in digital marketing, so it’s called “Content is King”. Your online business cannot exist without of it. We are living in a digital era where millions of contents are getting generated on daily basis. But generating millions of contents on regularly is not an easy task to perform. Either you need to hire hundreds of content writers to do this or do it by yourself. For giant market players, hiring hundreds content writers are not a big deal but it matters for an individual or small business owner. Today low cost content writers are charging $20/$30 per hour for a 500-600 worded article. Let’s say you have to develop 100 articles for your online business then your investment would be $2000 – $3000. Isn’t a big money for an individual or small business owner?

Being an Online Entrepreneur I had the same problems. I was unable to write contents regularly. So I had to outsource my work to Upwork, Freelancer, iwriter but the results were not satisfactory. Again I have to spend my time to re-write those articles. I had bad experience hiring content writers, unless until you find a good content writer who understand your requirements and develop good article’s. I believe you agree with me.

I was suggested by one of friend to buy Kontent Machine software, it’s piece of software that does everything that a content writer do. Initially I didn’t believe it but when I download Kontent Machine and used it for a week, I just realize the relief. Still today it’s my go to tool for developing good quality contents. I know it’s hard believed unless you use it. Anyways let me tell you how to generate good quality contents using kontent machine software. Before that let me tell you what is a Kontent Machine and it’s features;

Kontent Machine Discount

What is Kontent Machine?

Kontent Machine is a paid content spinning tool that generate high quality contents just in few minutes. Just you need to input your seed keywords on it and it will fetch the information from the internet and develop good quality content for you. The contents are so unique that no one even say its machine written. Automatically it will do the plagiarism checks. That’s why Kontent Machine is most preferred tool among all professional online marketers. Grab Kontent Machine Discount with 69% OFF for this  new year 2017.

Kontent Machine Features


  • Produce High Quality and Relevant Content with Automatic Correction
  • Harvest and Produce High Quality Contents for Link Building Process
  • Auto generate Article Title, Summary, Resource box and About us
  • Find relevant images and videos for the content
  • Most Powerful Spintax
  • Free and Pad Spinning Tool integrartion (KM Spinner, SpinnerChief, SpinChimp, Spin Rewriter, The Best Spinner, WordAi).
  • Auto generate content for SEO Tools i.e, SENuke, Ultimate Demon, GSA SER, Sick Submitter

How Kontent Machine Works

Like all other the Scraping tools, Kontent Machine scrape articles from multiple sources then with the combines it with its unique algorithm. Then spin the contents using integrated spinning like The Best Spinner and finally produce the content after doing plagiarism checks. Download Kontent Machine from here.

What I experienced is most of the time it produces the content which can be used directly without any further editing but sometimes you need to do manual corrections to add more value to it. After all its machine produce so there will be some minor defects that need to be taken care of.

Play the below video to understand how Kontent Machine Works.

Kontent Machine Review

Let me guide you the step by step process, how to use Kontent Machine with pictures. That will give you fair idea about this product before you buy it.

When you launch Kontent Machine for this first time, it will ask you for license details. Once it’s verified, you will see the kontent machine dashboard as below;

You can see there are six square icons, each perform some task i.e. Create Campaign, Open Saved Campaign, Quick Article Scrape, Check Campaign Blueprint and View other tool. I will explain you about each task’s in details.

 Kontent Machine Discount

Modify Default Settings

Before you launch a new campaign, you need to change the default settings. To do that click on “New” to open a new campaign window.Kontent Machine Review

From this campaign window, you need to modify the highlighted settings i.e. Scraper Settings, Campaign Settings and Credentials.

Buy Kontent Machine


1. Scraper Settings

Click on the scraper setting and let the default settings as it is. Click on enable proxies and paste the proxy ip’s. Test your proxy ip’s to ensure its working fine. Click on Apply to save the setting. It always recommends using proxies while scrapping otherwise search engine may penalize you. If you don’t have a budget you can always go for cheap proxies or free proxies.

Kontent Machine Review


2. Campaign Setting

Click on Campaign Setting as shown below. Here most of the fields are self explanatory, change it according to your requirements. If you don’t want adults contents in your article, then make it “Yes” on Avoid Adult Content.

Download Kontent Machine


3. Credentials

Kontent Machine has built in spinner called “KM Spinner”. You can either you built in spinner or paid spinners i.e. The Best Spinner. For built in spinner, you no need to do any changes, just select KM Spinner.Buy Kontent Machine


I am using The Best Spinner, so I need to input the best spinner credentials to work perfectly with Kontent Machine. To do that, click on credentials and enter your The Best Spinner registered email address and password. Don’t forget to test it by clicking “Test API”.

Download Kontent Machine


Launch a new Campaign

Now click on “New” to launch a new campaign.

Kontent Machine Review

Being a new to Kontent Machine try to use the default setting, once you become expert you can modify the default settings as per your requirements. Follow the below highlighted guidelines;

Kontent Machine Review


Content Source# Built-In Article Scraper

Campaign Name# Give a name to your campaign i.e. Cheap Mobile Phone Campaign

Main Keyword# Write your target keyword here i.e. Cheap Mobile Phones

Second Keyword# Write your second target keyword here i.e. Cheap Smart Phones

Third Keyword# Write your third target keyword here i.e. Cheap Android Phone

Content Quality# It depends upon your requirement, in this case I am going to use it for Tier 1 purpose. So I have selected Tier 1

Images/Videos# If you want images or videos to be added in your articles, select as per your requirements. I have selected “Just an Image”

Click “Next” to proceed to next window.


Download Kontent Machine

This window will allow you to mention the number of contextual links that you want for your article. I have selected 2 contextual links, you can mention as per your requirements. Double click on Main Keyword and Second Keyword to provide the contextual links, as like below;

Buy Kontent Machine

We are almost done with our data input, now click on the “Build Content” to generate articles.

Kontent Machine Reviews

Content generation process has started and it will take few minutes depending upon your internet speed. I have 4 mbps internet link and it takes almost 70-90 second to produce content.

Kontent Machine Discounts

Once it completes the content generation process, the output looks as like blow image. You can click on the Preview to check the content.

Kontent Machine Resutls

Here is the generated content with 2 contextual links and one relevant image as per our main and second keyword. Click on the image to expand and clear visibility.

Kontent Machine Result


Your Article is Generated

Now you can close the output window and move next step to export the article.

Kontent Machine Software


Export Your Article

Click on “Build and Export” to export the contents. There are number of readily available templates inside the kontent machine. You can directly export to those templates.

Kontent Machine Crack

Kontent Machine Extra Tools

There are few extra tools available inside the kontent machine. Click on “Tools” to explore that.

Kontent Machine Extra Tools

There are eight special tools available. Let me explain you about this.

Kontent Machine Tools


Bookmark Creation

This feature will allow you to create bookmarks for your submission.

Kontent Machine Backlink Creation

Once you click on “Go”, it will prompt you to locate the directory where it will dump the content. Select a folder and click on “Go” to initiate the generation process.

Kontent Machine Buy

Kontent Machine Discount 2017

Kontent Machine Backlink Creations

Bookmarking process has been completed. You can browse the c:\temp> folder to check the bookmarking contents.

Here is the bookmarking output.

Kontent Machine Backlink


Article Getter

Article Getter help you to scrape contents from various high authority article directories i.e. Article Alley, Article Base, EzineArticle. Click on Article Getter icon to open the dashboard;

Kontent Machine Article Getter

Type your target keywords inside the keyword box and click on “Get Articles”.

Kontent Machine Article Getter -1

Now it’s started to fetch articles from various articles directories. Article scraping process is under process.

Kontent Machine Article Getter -2

Scraping process is completed. You can get the articles from the below location i.e. c:\temp

Kontent Machine Article Getter -3

These built-in tools are quite self-explanatory, you can try other six tools by yourself. Share your comments in case you don’t understand any.


I Like About Kontent Machine

This generate contents very fast with almost 80-90% percentage accuracy. It’s a very useful tool for tier link building. You can save thousands of dollars by not hiring or outsourcing to anyone for content writing job.


I Don’t Like About Kontent Machine

You need to buy premium proxies because Kontent Machine don’t have inbuilt proxy harvester.

How Much Do I Need to Pay to Buy Kontent Machine

Throughout the year the standard price is $357 for lifetime and $37 for monthly subscriptions.

But now you can get Kontent Machine Discount with 40% OFF i.e. You can you Buy Kontent Machine for lifetime by paying just $217. Being a digital marketer you shouldn’t lose this offer.

Buy Kontent Machine Discount Only For $217

Kontent Machine Discount

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