Secret Behind Google Top 10 Results Revealed

Secret Behind Google's Top 10 Results Revealed

Secret Behind Google Top 10 Results Revealed

Opps there is No Secrets at all



It’s not only my problem but all the internet marketers out there who are still struggling to get into Google Top 10 Results Game. I am following world’s top Internet Marketing Gurus but didn’t find the concrete answers for this, how to be in top 10 results. I don’t know whether they know it or don’t want to reveal their secrets. I believe there is no secret sauce until you work on it and try different approaches. I am not at all a Guru but I believe that if you share your knowledge to someone, your skills going to improve. So I am just doing that.

This article is all about to know the Secret Behind Google Top 10 Results. Before I proceed, just to let you know, which tools are being used to retrieve the details;


Tools that I used



Most of the affiliate marketer follow the below strategies to earn money online;


Step1# Keyword Research to find Low Competition Niche Keywords

Step2# Build a Website using those niche Keywords

Step3# Add few Articles on it with respect to that niche Keywords

Step4# Add affiliate Products Links and Banners

Step5# Promote Website to Rank High

Step6# Generate Leads and Make Lots of Money


This is the standard practice is being followed by all. But the question is why only few people are generating money and others are not. I can say around 80% of Internet marketers are not making money. Personally I spoke to more than 100 internet marketers and still today they are struggling. This article is specially for those people to make them understand what are the driving factors to rank number one position in google. Lets Start;


Somehow I came across this keyword called “How to Backup iPhone“. When I search in Google Keyword Planner Tools, it showed me the below results.


Click on the Image to Expand

This keyword has all the features that will motivate an newbie internet marketer to build a website around it and make lots of money. Because it has Low Competition, High Search Volume with High Bid Price (Showing Indian Currency). Even I thought the same to build a site around it. But before I made up mind, I thought of doing further investigation on this keyword. So I analyse this keyword on Long Tail Pro Keyword Research Tool to further deep dive.


Click on the Image to Expand


Long Tail Pro Keyword Research Tool confirmed that it’s not a low competition keyword anymore. If you look at the last column the value shows 52, which means it has somehow high competition. Look at the below Long Tail Pro Keyword Competition Analysis Chat.




From the above two analysis we have confirmed that “How to Backup iPhone” keyword is not a low competition keyword. This keyword already exposed and there are many sites were built on it. So what do you think, still you want to build a site using this keyword???


I always love to accept challenges. Lets say if I am going to build a site using this keyword, so what would be the challenges that I need to come across. Let’s figure it out;

Below are the top ten google results for the keyword “how to backup iphone




At this stage most of us fail to do proper analysis to find out the Secret Behind Google Top 10 Results. Because it’s very crucial to understand why these 10 websites are ranking and what are the ranking factors. If you cannot do that then truly speaking, Internet Marketing is not for you. I will advise you to stay away and save your money and invest somewhere else. Because everyday Google is implementing new strategies and overnight the top ranking sites are losing their positions. If you want to be in this game its better prepared for it.

Let’s find out the Secret Ranking Factors of these websites. I am using MOZ Tool for this purpose. You can download MOZ Tool and use it for FREE next 30 days. What I thought, instead of analysing top 10 results, I have extracted google’s top 20 results to get more clarity on the Secret Behind Google’s Top 10 Results. MOZ Tool helped me to extract the below factors for these top 20 google results;


  • Domain Authority (DA)
  • Domain Backlinks (D BackLinks)
  • Domain Reference Backlinks (D Ref Backlinks)
  • Page Authority (PA)
  • Link Discovered
  • Root Domain Links
  • Total Website Links
  • Social Links
  • Spam Score
  • Inbound Links


You must be thinking, what are these keywords. These are the factors that impacts the keyword positioning. Let me explain you about it;

Domain Authority#  scale starts from 0 – 100, higher the number better the Authority

Domain BackLinks# External Links that are pointing to your Root Domain, more number of links build more credibility

Page Authority# scale start from 0 – 100, higher the number better the Page Authority

Total Website Links# More number of links helps better positioning

Social Links# More number social reference helps in ranking

Spam Scope# Low score is always better

Inbound Links# These are the inbound references to the particular page, more number of inbound links always better

If you want to know more about the above keyword terms, please check the MOZ Guidelines.


Using MOZ Tool I have extracted the below results for the top 20 ranking sites;

Secret Behind Google Top 10 Results

Click on the Image to Expand


If you look at the above results closely, website ranks first position and the reason behind this is;

  • First Priority# Domain Authority = 100
  • Second Priority# Page Authority = 53
  • Third Priority# Title Keyword and URL
  • Forth Priority# Domain Backlinks
  • Fifth Priority# Page BackLinks


These are the FIVE Criteria that help Apple to Win the First Position in Google. I may be wrong but I have analysed more than 100 keywords and found the same reason. Domain Authority and Page Authority plays the major roles for ranking any keywords.

Based upon this results, you can decide whether you want to build a site around it or not. I am pretty sure beating apple with such high DA, PA and Backlinks quite difficult task but you can find other nine positions.

Lets analyse how difficult it is to get into other nine Positions. Look at the results and find the weak ones i.e. low DA, PA and Backlinks. I found number 9th position is little weak compared to others. Whose DA = 50, PA= 36  and Backlinks = 6854. If you can plan properly you can easily beat this position.

If I would have in your position, this would have my actions plan to beat this position;


My 7 Steps Action Plan


Step 1# Register a Domain Name Same as the Seed Keyword, in this case “ ” as “” was not free.

Step 2# Write 50 High Quality Articles more than 1000 words with relevant pictures on it. If possible add youtube videos in your article.

Step 3# Daily upload 2 Articles for next 25 days and leave the site for a month to auto Crawl by Google and other Search Engines.

Step 5# Create Backlinks – this step is very crucial, if you don’t know how to do it, just outsource it to some experts. But ask them to follow the below conditions;

  • Get backlinks only from High DA (>30)  and PA (>40)
  • Get Guest Post Backlinks from High DA Domains, if possible more DA > 90
  • Build 5-6 Backlinks in a week, not more than that and continue it for at least 6 months depending upon competition
  • Create Social Media presence by sharing contents  to get natural Social Signals

Step 6# Setup Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools to Monitor Website Activities

Step 7# Track your keyword positioning using any Rank Tracking Tools i.e.


By implementing these strategies I brought my website to the top of google’s search engine. Again don’t go with my words, just give a try and see the difference.

Share your comments or any further improvisation tips that I missed here.

You are awesome, I appreciate if you time that you spend here.

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