Step by Step Guidelines – How To Start Your Online Startups – Version 2

Step by Step Guidelines - How To Start Your Online Startups - Version 2

From our last discussion on Step by Step Guidelines – How to Start Your Online Startups Version I, now you must have a clear picture in your mind. If you have still doubts in your mind, you can always comment below to get your answers. After analysing the First Phase of Online Business, next step is to explore how to start your online startups smartly. Let’s get ready for that.

We have already analysed that “Insurance” related topics have more potential to earn money online. Likewise I did further analysis and found that “Financial” products also have the great potential to make money. So what I have decided here to create reviews on the financial products and place Google and Private Ads on it to make money. You must experience how to start your online Startups effectively and professionally.

Below are my assumptions to gauge the earning potential for this project;


Based on the above assumptions, after six months I should able to make at least $1000 per month. During this six months’ time, I need to do SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) to bring the content to the first page of search engine. That will help to increase number of visitors. The more number of visitors equals to more earning potential. Probably this blog is going to be a longer one as I will be posting each updates here to make you better understand about setting up the online business.

Step1: Register Your Online Startups Name

This is the very first thing you have to do i.e. Register Your Online Startups Name; we call it Domain Name Registration. People will know you by your Domain Name i.e. or, etc.

There are many companies, who are offering Domain Name Registrations. I found is the best among them. I like their professionalism and customer care services. Their dashboard is so easy that even a lay man can manage it. Here I will be taking you through the overall process of Godaddy.

When you open your browser and type, you will be shown the page as like below;


As I am from India, so it took me to Godaddy India home page. Next, is to look for your business name that you want to have for your business.


Type your dream name that you want to have for your business and click on “Search Domain”. Godaddy will show you if the particular name is FREE or someone else has taken that. Getting a dream domain name is quite impossible now days because of huge competition. In case you are facing trouble getting a dream name for your business, there are many Domain Name Suggestion Tools out there which will help you to get your domain name. Let me search for the keyword “” for my business and see the results;


Godaddy is charging $1000 for domain name, which is quite high price for me. Usually Godaddy charges $5 to $10 for registering a .Com domain. As falls under premium category, so they are charging high. So I changed my plan to register my domain name as as I am going to target only Indian users. And taking .in domain will be more relevant to my business.

After buying, when you login to your Godaddy account, you can see the below dashboard under the “Manage Domain”.


This completes your domain name registration process. We finally concluded with the domain name.

Step2: Register for Hosting Services

Are you confused with the terminology “Hosting Services”? No problem, let me clarify you, what is a Hosting Service. It is a Service that is being offered by many companies where they are allowing users to run their web sites, upload data and many more. There are two types of Hosting Services, Shared and Dedicated. In shared hosting services, multiple users are going to use the same Server where as in dedicated hosting services; a dedicated host will be assigned to a single user. Dedicated hosting services are more preferred if you have huge customer base because the operating cost is quite high compared to shared hosting services. If you are starting your online blog business, it’s always recommended to opt for shared hosting services, as it’s very cost effective.

Hostgator and BlueHost are two very well-known and trusted Hosting Service provider. They have awesome deals for the startups, who want to launch their online business.

BlueHost Hosting Plans


Hostgator Hosting Plans


You can choose your plan according to your business. I am using Hostgator’s Baby Plan for this purpose. While opting for the hosting services, I would recommend you to pay for one year, so that you can save good amount of money.

Step3: Configure Domain Name and Hosting Services

After buying the Domain Name and Hosting Services, next step is to configure them. We have to ensure that everything is correctly configured before launching our website. Now follow the below steps to configure your Domain Name and Hosting Services;

Login to your Hosting Services Account, in this case it’s Hostgator Hosting Services and get the Name Server IP Addresses;

hostgator-cpanel     hostgator-name-server-details

After login to your cPanel (Hostgator Account), scroll down till end of the page and you will see these information on the left hand side bar. Note down these Name Servers. These Name Server addresses will help the Domain Name to find our hosting server. Domain name is just a name, when someone types it will show him “401 Page Not Found” if the name servers are not configured properly. Hosting Services provide us either a Shared Computer (Host) or Dedicated Computer (Host) depending upon the plan. It allow us to upload our website pages, so that people can see it. Names Servers are nothing but representation of the Hosting Computers. Hope you are clear now.

Let’s login to Godaddy account and configure the Name Servers, so that it will point to our Hostgator Hosting Services where we are going to upload our website contents. That route the traffic to our website when someone types


After login to your Godaddy Account, click on your name on the right hand top corner to see this dashboard. Click on the “Manage My Domains” to take you to the next step;


Here you will see all your registered domain names, click on EARN360.IN to change the Name Server Details.

godaddy-name-server-ip-change2 godaddy-name-server-ip-change3

Click on “Manage” to modify the existing Name Servers. On the next screen edit the name servers and put the hostgator name server that we earlier noted and save it.

This completes the updating the naming server on the domain name server.

We have successfully configured our Hosting and Domain Naming Services. In my next article I will be taking you through the email and ftp account creation process and how to setup WordPress for your blog.

I hope this write up on How To Start Your Online Startups will help you to start your own online venture.

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Thanks for your patience.


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