Top 13 Domain Name Suggestion Tools

Top 13 Domain Name Suggestion Tools

Today getting a good name for your online business is quite tough and challenging. Sometimes it is the most painful time that we spend to get a good name. Very few times I have luck to get good domain name for my online business by spending few minutes but luck does not work always. There are many domain name suggestion tools available in the market that may help you to reduce you thinking job to getting a good name.

Here I will be taking you through top 13 Domain Name Suggestion Tools that may help you finding a good domain name for your business. Lets start;

1 .  Domainr

Instantly it will show you the suggested domain available domain name for the respective keywords.



2 .  Lean Domain Search

Instantly generates suggestions based on your input keyword. On a single dashboard, you will able see all the suggested domain names. It generate suggestions very quickly.



3 .  DomainsBot

Just input your keyword and click on the search, it will display all the top level domain names just in few seconds. Its pretty good tool.


4 .  Impossibility

It takes your given name combines with adjectives, nouns and verbs then generate suggestions. Its reacts very quickly.



5 .  BustAName

This tools helps you to find the perfect domain name by using its word combiner for finding similar words and checking for the available domain. It has step by step guidelines to help you to get the right names.


6 .  Name Mesh

It uses synonyms and antonyms to build the names. You will have various categories of keywords to choose.



7 .  Domize

It’s a pretty simple too to find if the domain name is available for the keywords.



8 .  DomainTyper

As its name suggests, just type the name and get the results instantly, its that fast.



9 .  NameBoy

Just input primary and secondary keywords, then NameBoy generates potential domain names.


10 .  Dot-O-Mator

Self-explanatory dashboard, either you select pre-defined topics from the drop down menu or type your own. By clicking on Combine, it will display all the recommended names.




11 .  Name Tumbler

Input all your keywords that hits your mind and click on Get Result. You will give you all the suggestions combining the keywords that you have input in the box.



12 .  Panabee

It offers suggestions inspired by your domain name that you typed. Simple and smart tool to get domain names.



13 .  IWantMyName

It’s an amazing domain name suggestion tool. Just write your domain name it will show you all the top level domain availability in green smiley with price.


I guess now you shouldn’t have any problems getting a good name for your business or domain. These are pretty awesome tools to use. Give a try and share your experience.


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