The Best Way To Learn Internet Marketing Step by Step From Experienced People

It’s interesting how everything in life now are better with internet connection. It can be your commercial, your shop, your service or even any other kind of things you offer for people to use. Internet marketing is where you put descriptions, to attract people and to let people know better about the thing you are offering to the world. But out of thousands, how to be better at it?

Just like how youtuber, blogger, or maybe web content owner at, we need to learn internet marketing as much as we can. There are courses available both online or direct meeting if you are interesting. However, is that the best you can do to make your internet marketing better? Is there anything an experienced people would like to say as a trick toward internet marketing comprehension?

Learn Internet Marketing
Learn Internet Marketing

To learn internet marketing better you must first know that there are several components in it. They are SEO or search engine organization, PPC or pay per click, and also email marketing. Through these components you can start to choose which one is the best method to practice internet marketing better and gain more advantages from it. Here is the suggestions from experienced people about learning internet marketing.

What’s the best way to learn internet marketing according to experienced?

  • Read books or articles related to basic information about internet marketing

It’s better for you if you already familiarize yourself with terms that stands for anything related to internet marketing. The first step will lead you to first see what things that makes you fail. What things that should have been your focus to fix what’s previously unorganized. Basically when you understand the terms, you will start to question whether this one may influence this one to make your internet marketing better in getting more costumer or viewers.

Learn Internet Marketing
Learn Internet Marketing
  • Include yourself in online internet marketing courses

If you are university students, you might not have much time left to take direct meeting courses due to your own busy activity at campus. Online internet marketing courses are way easier and flexible to access such as youtube or even maybe just ordinary article. But there are also low cost courses that can actually help you to start arrange your internet marketing into what you wish for. Trust me they help.

  • Have a relation with somebody who knows how to do it

You can either hire those freelancers that are helpful to your internet marketing with lower budget. The thing is it’s about what’s your goal. If you want to build and develop your own internet marketing then you don’t have to include yourself in it otherwise if you learn it for yourself to keep. Either you have a friend to tell you or you hire somebody expert to arrange your internet marketing better you can choose for your own better internet marketing.

  • Observe your trial and errors

You can’t expect yourself to have a better internet marketing in one try. The thing is it depends on what type of customers and targeted goal or even the thing you are offering and where you stock it. Keep on trying until you get the best one. Get a help from the expert you have known or even through that online internet marketing course. Get a domain and practice the whole thing you heard or known.

  • Develop a strategy

Have you ever heard about SEO article before? The point of hiring somebody or buying SEO article is that they can get highest result in google and people might be interested to click it. Though SEO article your internet marketing will develop into something more popular since it can get higher rank in google search engine. But that’s only one of the strategy you can develop for your internet marketing. Find out what’s the strategy your competitor apply and try to make it fit your own.

Learn Internet Marketing
Learn Internet Marketing
  • Keep on practicing and asking process

There are people out there who are successful in their internet marketing only in such short times. However nobody knows how they did it right? Keep develop your own and learn from the expert as you practice again and again. So the implementation is what this is all about. Books, online courses, a friend or helper that is an experts. Keep trial and error always work and develop your own strategy.

If you wish for something a little more academic, then you can take those certified courses out there from universities. However first you might need to know your own weakness. So your course will not just an ordinary course you usually tend to in your campus. For your consideration, there are a lot of people who has shared their experience in online marketing nowadays online. So surf the internet more.

Tips on How to Learn and Practice Internet Marketing Better Than Ever!

Sometimes, to develop a better learn and practice internet marketing, in the same time people also try to learn it better. When it goes for learning then people have different learning style and appropriate time. In internet marketing for example, there are people who learn through reading, courses, or even just directly jump to the filed and start to brainstorm what kind of course or information they need to make it better.

The thing about internet marketing is that they have several components if you have read a book of internet marketing before. People are doing blog because blog can attract people and get yourself advertisement income. So one of the most popular components is website or blog and manage it to become the first come in engine search google so people will most likely click on it first.

So how did blogger do it? To raise your site traffic then you have to be familiar with SEO or content promotion just like what blogger did in their article. SEO will help your content to boost without any further complicated promotion needed. When you are a friend of SEO then your content will always be on the top list. This is how blogger did their article so people will be interested in their content.

Practice Internet Marketing
Practice Internet Marketing

No matter what type of website you have whether it’s blogging, selling product, offering bola 88 service, or anything you must who your audience is. It will be useful if you start to think like one. the way your audience think, what interest them, what attract them and what type of content they need it will help you to make contents for your blog. When you start thinking like them, you will find their keywords as well when they look for the thing you offer.

To raise your traffic site, then you have to come with content creation and content promotion as well. Remember that you are not the only one who make this content so try to make it unique and be exactly like what your audience whether it’s picture, more explanation, trusted reference, expert opinion or anything that your audience will need. Otherwise your site will be part of thousands sites only.

Practice Internet Marketing
Practice Internet Marketing

Content creation is when you try to supply people with content that include fresh contents and is unique among any other contents out there but most importantly fit in your audience necessity. The best way to find this is to fill in the gap that your competitor made. Compare your content to theirs and start to make content that mix of both and try to net leave a gap so people will be satisfied.

Content promotion is when you are not just doing content creation but also promote it along the way. to do it, include keywords in your content. The keywords are the words or phrases that your targeted audience will type when they look for it on google. When your content full of this keywords google might consider to show your article on the top list.

To get a better illustration on how to do both of the above terms in order to raise your traffic site then you have to include many components of internet marketing as well. Content creation has a relation to what type of information you provide and what kind of audience you chase for. So to lead your effort into better plan here is the various steps you can consider to do.

  • Provide a high quality content that consist of trusted reference

So don’t just make content, but make sure that you are trusted so people will not question your validity. High quality content is not just insightful but also reliable.

  • Create and include social media so you can interact with them better

Social media is important because everyone engage in their social media most of the time rather than internet. Instagram, twitter, facebook you can also link it to your pinterest if you have.

  • Make your content easy to share

Always provide a link to make people share your article in their social media. It can refer to you as well and will build a popularity.

Practice Internet Marketing
Practice Internet Marketing
  • Doing a research and observation on our audience

After you created a content don’t just let it be but observe your audience whether they find it interesting or not. This will help to lead you on what to do next as well.

  • Make a name for yourself

Podcast is one the platform that can help you to get a name. so get yourself interviewed and start to make your own podcast to offer your sites.

If you keep on doing these steps, it can lead you to a successful internet marketing like what you wish for. As you can see making effort is not just a random thing to do. Rather than doing everything without have no idea what to do next it’s better if you plan yourself and make a to-do list.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as part of Computer and Internet marketing

Search Engine Optimization helps companies to reach more visitors to their websites

One of computer and internet marketing strategies is Search Engine Optimization. What is it? It is the practice that companies do to boost the quantity and the quality of traffic to companies’ websites throughout organic search engine result. The quantity here is visitors who click page that come out of search engine result pages. The more visitors click the page or sites that relate to companies’ product the better of the traffic.


The second is the quality of traffic.  The meaning of the quality here is the content of your website (about product) should relate to visitors search. For example if visitors look for fruits’ juice and you sell instant juice, they may visit your websites but your products are not what they look for. It is not quality of Search Engine Optimization. Your website that contains your products’ advertisements should relate to what visitors look for. If visitors do not find what they look for but they are attracted to buy your products because they see your website’s content, it is luck.

How Search Engine Optimization (SEO) works?

When you type words on your search engine and then you see list of websites that relate to your topic, it is SEO works. The list of websites that you see contain of information that you want to know. Search engine will search the content or article all over the websites, and show it on list of it. All the sites that come up on the first page are the most site that contain of articles that you look for.


SEO content helps sites to have contents. Of course the content of sites is information about products or services that companies offer. Most of companies which promote their products using internet marketing know about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and they use the service of SEO. Both huge companies and small companies have utilized computer and internet marketing like Search Engine Optimization to promote their products. They get the best results because they can attract customers and new costumers to have their products or get their services.


It is information about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as part of Computer and Internet marketing that you have not known. If you have business or products that you want to sell in your country or abroad, you can use SEO service.

What is computer and internet marketing?

If you have products and you want to sell it, you will promote your products to public. You can sell your products easily because there are huge amount of products that is sale in public. You need to use strategies to make people buy your products. One of the most popular strategies to sell products is advertisement.

Companies will introduce their products and promote it using advertisement that they will show on the radio, , TV, newspaper, magazine and pamphlet. Those are usual media that people use to promote their products. But now there is media that companies use to promote their products and it is effective, it is internet marketing.

Computer and internet marketing
Computer and internet marketing

Computer and internet marketing is popular to increase the sale

What is computer and internet marketing? The method of marketing that makes the most of internet to reach the consumers to be. The products can be service as well. The objective of this method is to communicate with public about the products or services extensively.

Companies use internet marketing not only for selling products but also for collecting information about people or consumers’ interest. This method is really efficient because companies do not need to spend much time to reach consumers. Companies can get information to develop their products and also determine the price of the products or services.

Computer and internet marketing
Computer and internet marketing

How computer and internet marketing reach the consumers? Internet marketing can be web marketing. The strategies of web marketing can be SEO (Search Engine Optimization), the use of E-commerce, search engine and affiliate marketing websites.

The second is E-mail marketing. Companies will send message which is contained promotion or information about their products. This is effectual because consumers will receive the exact information about products and they will read it because they will open the message whenever they have time.

The third is social media marketing. In this modern era, most people have social media accounts such as Face book, Instagram, twitter, YouTube and so on. Companies will promote their products along videos, photos and show it on media social home.

Computer and internet marketing is one of methods to promote and sell products or services. It is very beneficial for companies because they can save time to promote their products and reach people easily even they are from other countries. There are some companies which offer service to help seller to promote products. You can ask their help to make advertisement for your products.

How To Make Money Online, Lots of Monies

The fast development of information technology provides many conveniences in almost every aspect of life in modern society. The internet not only connects us to the outside world, but also provides opportunity to earn income in which we can run a business entirely online, as well as to support our offline business.

Type Of Business Based On Dependence On The Internet

Broadly speaking, in this modern era business types are divided into at least three, namely offline business, online business, and offline and online combination business.
Offline business is a conventional business model with an office or physical business place that can be accessed by consumers, such as a grocery store. Even so, offline businesses nowadays also need online promotion support, for example through social media marketing.

make money online
make money online

While online business such as  is a type of business with its core business fully relies on internet technology. Offices for small-scale online businesses usually make use of private homes. And if they have an official office. This does not mean that the office can be accessed freely by the public.

All transactions are made through an online platform. For example, the Go-Jek transportation service provider. We cannot order Go-Jek drivers directly like we order a conventional motorbike taxi. All bookings must be made through their application. This type of business is also called startup.

In addition to the startup business, there are also types of businesses that rely solely on internet technology. But instead of selling goods or services, they provide online entertainment. For example YouTubers are actively posting videos on their channels, with various contents from comedy, product reviews, tutorials, performances, and so on.

Those popular Youtubers and other social media celebrities usually have thousands and even millions of followers or subscribers. That kind of traffic generates income from advertising. Many young people become famous overnight and making a lot of money from the social media channels they have.

There are also types of businesses that combine online and offline strategies. These types of businesses such as online shops that sell products online and but also offline. This type of business is quite popular among the public, because anyone can set up such a business to sell all types of goods and services.

Internet Marketing Strategy

Thanks to internet, broaden the scope of our target market would have never been this easier. It also facilitates the process of buying and selling and make financial transactions quicker. Therefore it is important to have skill and knowledge regarding internet marketing strategies.

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There are many ways you can do for online marketing, both free and paid, through our own sites and other online platforms.

Free online marketing for example posting promotional content through our own media such as websites, blogs, and social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, etc.). We can also use other online platforms for free, for example through email marketing, by sending product offerings to potential customers directly to their personal emails.

make money online
make money online

We can also implement SEO strategies in our online site to make it easier for users to find our products through search engines. This SEO will bring our site to the top position in the search page. When users enter certain keywords related to the product we sell. This SEO can be done on both On Page and Off Page.

In addition we can pay for online advertising such as Pay Per Click (PPC), Google AdWords, Google Adsense, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and so on. That will put our ads in strategic positions with great potential to be seen by internet users. For example, ads are placed at the very top of the search page, or ads that appear on social media when users open their accounts.

Although this latter type of ads is sometimes not directly relevant to users because they are not looking for the products we offer. However this method can build brand awareness that will bring future sales.

SEO, A Secret Weapon In Internet Marketing

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a popular approach in internet marketing. SEO will ensure that your site rank well in search engine results. In SEO strategies, there are two important things that must be done by an internet marketer, namely: SEO On Page and SEO Off Page.

SEO On Page is a method to design website that is SEO friendly by make the most of components in the website, such as layout and design, good navigation, internal links, certain keywords in the contents, etc. While SEO Off Page is an effort to optimize a website through other links or sites that link back (backlinks) to our website.


Why SEO is essential in internet marketing? Because it brings many advantages, some of them are explained as follows:

1. Generating Potential Traffic To The Business Website

As mentioned before that a well-optimized website page swill get a good ranking in search engines such as Google. The better the position of your website page on Google, the greater the chance of getting visitors (traffic). This potential visitors will later become potential customers for your business.
Google users usually enter unique keywords when they search for certain products they need, or find useful information to provide solutions to their problems. Google then show list of sites based on those keywords. Designing a website that is SEO friendly will bring your site at the top list of the result, in which it will lead to more traffics to your site.

2. Increase Brand Awareness

When a brand is recognized and remembered by prospective customers, it means that they are aware of your brand and products. Maybe people don’t need your products when they see your brand in the first place, but next time they need it, their sub-conscious mind will associate it with your brand. To build brand awareness, we can use various methods, one of them is SEO.

3. Get Data Of Your Customers For Free


Customer data is very important in internet marketing. Getting information about email addresses, phone numbers, home addresses of your customers or potential customers is a valuable asset to promote your products to them directly. You can easily contact them and share information on new products or special promotional offers. With SEO that generating traffic to your site, collecting customer data will be easier. Don’t forget that you also need other services to store the customer data base, for example an autoresponder service to build customer email list.

Make The Most Of Social Media To Boost Your Sales

In this digital era, where information technology has developed very fast, who doesn’t have social media account? It seems that we cannot live without checking social media in our phone several times or many times a day. Social media connect people from all over the world, through social media we could easily expand our friendship circle and reach out people from different countries. We can also use it to share information, to raise awareness of certain products or issues, and also use it as a platform to sell or buy stuff.

If you are going to promote your products online, social media is a perfect place to start it.

There are many marketing strategies you can apply to market the products you sell through social media, such as:

  1. Marketing Through Facebook
Marketing Through Facebook
Marketing Through Facebook

Facebook is the most popular social media in the world right now. It has impressive number of its active users, therefore it makes Facebook the most promising place for internet marketing. You can make Facebook Fans Page with interesting content to increase branding awareness of audiences to your business that will help to increase the sales. Alternatively, you can use Facebook Ads to advertise your products, and aim specific target audiences.

  1. Marketing Through Youtube
Marketing Through Youtube
Marketing Through Youtube

When talking about sharing video, we always refer to Youtube. This site is indeed the most visited video sharing site. You can make Youtube channel and upload regular contents into it. You can upload video with duration up to several hours. But don’t make long duration of video, unless you want to make a documentary film. It is better to divide the type of video based on the duration, starts from 30 seconds video up to 15-20 minutes max. Short but rich content video can be more interesting, and it can be uploaded to various social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Line, Google Plus, and so on.

  1. Marketing Through Website

A business will look more credible when it has a website that contains information of its company profile and explanation of the products they sell. A website doesn’t have to be an online shop platform, but it is a good media to promote the products you have. Website is part of company branding and professionalism.

  1. Search Engine Optimization

SEO is search engine optimization. It is the way to put your website or products on the top list of search engine page on the internet. For example you are selling sneakers. SEO is needed to make sure that when people enter certain keywords related to ‘sneakers’ in the search engine, your website and products will appear on the top position. There are three important components in SEO, namely keyword research, on page, and off page optimization. Therefore it is necessary to upload regular content with certain keywords that are SEO friendly.

All Startup Businesses Need to Know About Funding

You certainly often hear about startup companies. If you are familiar with Tokopedia, Ruangguru, Cermati, Traveloka, dadupoker or Go-Jek, they are some example of successful startup companies in Indonesia. Following the success of those startups in Indonesia, many people now want to set up their own startups and pour their business ideas.

However, having desire and ideas alone are not enough. One important element to starting a startup is funding. There are several stages in startup funding. A big investor might be able to fund all stages, but sometimes an investor only funds certain stages and the startup company must find other investors to continue with the funding.

Most common types of startup funding

  1. Pre-Seed Funding

Pre-seed funding is the initial stage for startups in order to raise funds. At this stage, the startup company introduces their business model and its potentials. The investors involved in this stage can be family or relatives, angels, and accelerators. Usually, at this pre-seed stage, a startup will receive a small investment that is useful to start a business process.

  1. Seed Funding
Seed Funding
Seed Funding

Still classified as the initial stage in funding. At this stage the capital from investors is usually intended to help startups to move from the product development process.

The funding in this stage will generally help in recruiting competent staff and renting or setting up offices. It is also time to pay attention to the early results and identify whether the products has addressed the right market. For investors, it is time to pay attention to whether the startup has been run according to the target and expectation. Investors at this stage usually come from angels, venture capitalists, and accelerators.

  1. Series A

This is the stage where startups already have several flagship products with many customers. However, startups still need to continue with innovation to expand their business. The key to funding at this stage is finding the right venture capitalists and also looking for suitable partners.

  1. Series B

At this stage, startups usually have been 2-4 years old, which is marked by having a regular customer base that generates profits. The purpose of funding at this stage is to maximize market and business expansion.

  1. Series C

At this stage, funding is used to make a massive expansion of products, as well as the market, namely by opening branches, both nationally and internationally. Investors who provide funding at this stage are usually banks, private equity entities, capitalists’ ventures, as well as hedge funds.

  1. Initial Public Offering (IPO)
Initial Public Offering (IPO)
Initial Public Offering (IPO)

The IPO is the final stage in startup funding. At this stage, startup shares are sold openly on the stock exchange. Normally, a startup needs a minimum of 5-10 years to reach IPO stage.

Definition and Development of Startup Industry in Indonesia

The application of technology, especially internet, in the business world gives anyone ability to start a business easily and quickly. Especially in the past few years, Indonesia has been in the ‘startup’ euphoria phase where more and more young entrepreneurs create a ‘startup’ business with unlimited innovation and creativity.
The term ‘startup’ also becomes very popular among entrepreneurs, but not it seems many people do not know the meaning of it. Let’s discuss further the definition of startup.

What Is Startup?

What Is Startup
What Is Startup

Basically startup is a company that runs under 5 years, or a company that has just started. But around the 2000s since the ‘dot-com’ industry started to be popular, the definition of ‘startup’ in the business world has changed. In the past, startup is a new company, but at present startup company is more about a new business that is applying technological innovation to run its core business and solve a problem in the community.

How Is The Development Of Startup Businesses In Indonesia?

The development of startup businesses in Indonesia is growing excitedly along with the development of technology. There are at least 4 biggest startups from Indonesia, namely Traveloka, Tokopedia, , and GO-JEK. Data from Tech In Asia shows that in the second quarter of 2017, the domination of startup in Indonesia come from the E-Commerce and Fintech industry.
Although according to statistics, the number of new startups has decreased in 2017, but it has an increase in the amount of funding for accelerator program in 2017. It brings a positive impact for Indonesia, many investors has begun to see the potential of Indonesian startup businesses, like in the United States or China.

How To Define A Startup Company?

In accordance with the above definition, startup has a disruptive nature in an existing industry. For example in the transportation field in Indonesia. Before the presence of online transportation services, conventional taxi was one of the big players in this industry. Now if there is a new conventional taxi company established, it cannot be called a startup company for its lack of technology, although it is still under 5 years old. But if an online taxi company appears, this is what we call startup company as it runs its core business using technological innovations.

The Differences Between Startup And Online Shop

The Differences Between Startup And Online Shop
The Differences Between Startup And Online Shop

Although both type of business mainly working on information technology, those two are completely different things. Even when online shops have website, but they cannot be called startup. According to Forbes, the definition of startup also contains ‘solving problems’ in the community. Like online transportation which come as a solution for practical and convenience way to go places.

The Most Effective Internet Marketing

Today the internet has become one of the basic needs for humans, especially urban communities around the world including in Indonesia. The number of internet users that continues to increase every year is a very promising potential for internet marketing.

With the internet we can reach more people, therefore marketing through internet is one way to expand market reach. Internet users are now everywhere, even in small towns and countryside areas and through internet marketing we can promote products directly to end users without intermediaries.

Here are some model of the most effective internet marketing you can try to promote your business:

  1. Website or Blog


Website and Blog is basically an online representative of your company or shop. Internet users can visit your site and read everything about your company and the products you sell to build brand awareness. Users can contact you directly through your site and it is advisable to have web or blog admin that is responsible to give quick respond for any inquiries. Your site can also serves as online shop , to make visitors be able to order your products easily. And fortunately, making the website is not as expensive as renting a physical shop for business. There are even several platforms that provide free website.

  1. Marketing Business through Email Marketing
Marketing Business through Email Marketing
Marketing Business through Email Marketing

When people visit your site, they can subscribe to a newsletter that will be sent to their email regularly. This newsletter contains information of new products, discounts, special offers, and many things. Email marketing is more personal because it reaches users directly to their personal mailbox.

  1. Marketing Through Social Media
Marketing Through Social Media
Marketing Through Social Media

Almost all internet users have social media accounts. Social media is the most effective platform to market your products. The big social media that you must target include: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube. Each of those social media has different characteristic and it requires different type of content. Having a deep understanding of all of them is a great asset to create effective content that speak well to your target audiences.

  1. Paid Ads
paid advertising
paid advertising

You can always market your products online for free. But it will be more effective if you also make use of paid advertising that will place your ads in certain strategic spots to get more views from internet users. Whenever users click on your ads, it will take them to your site which means the more traffic you get the more chances for them to buy. Some renowned paid ads you can use include Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Youtube Ads, Twitter Ads.