How to Make a Successful Internet Marketing? Here Are the Easy Solutions

Successful  internet marketing can be a tangle process that will consider your own successful product selling. Sometimes you find that your strategy is no longer helpful with what happen know. Or even maybe you haven’t find any suitable strategy to develop your internet marketing. It’s one of the things people find nowadays when they try to develop internet marketing so you are not the only one who try to overcome this familiar issue.

The thing about internet marketing, it’s a relation between what people need or looking for and find it helpful or interesting, google demand to show people the best so they can have salary, and us as the owner of internet marketing or supplier of these contents. As you can imagine, it’s not just providing people with what they need and interest but also to fulfill google requirement so our content is in the top list.

Successful Internet Marketing
Successful Internet Marketing

So, what’s the solution? There are several various things you can do in order to get a better internet marketing or just how to your internet marketing boost your selling rate. Instead of thinking about get yourself off this thing, there are things you have never tried before to try boost and develop your internet marketing. The following is some of the examples you can try.

How to boost your internet marketing into whole different level

  • Know your targeted audience

Like previously written, the first relation is with people. You have to attract people with what they need and what interest them the most. There are strategies to convey your advertisements so it’s not just to the point where you said you offer things but first lead them to think that they need it so they will buy it. knowing who your audience is will also be effective if you start to act as if you are your audience. Once you know how your audience think and count you can attract them more.

  • Develop a unique brand

You must have a competitor, right? Learn what they have and what you don’t. This critical thinking will start to make your brand unique and people will most likely to choose your brand than others. Making your own product looks luxury or overpriced for instance is one the steps you can try to make your product unique. But don’t forget to think like your audience so you wont ruin this image of unique.

  • Consider your brand as impression

If you still let your logo the way it is, and you never create a stunning website organization or aesthetic social media, you are doing it a little worse. Social media, website and your logo are the first thing people will see and they will make their first impression towards it. so, make your logo a good impression. Don’t just make your social media a platform to display but also to attract your audience.

Successful Internet Marketing
Successful Internet Marketing
  • Invest in professionals

People have their own style when it comes to leader. Not everyone can trust anyone easily yes that’s right. However to develop a better internet marketing, hiring a professional is investment. It will give a different impact once you understand what to focus more. Professional knows what to do to make your internet marketing better and more interactive with your audience. It’s fair to say that hiring a professional is worth it for the price.

  • Make use of SEO

Now we have to deal with google. In order to get on top of list in google search engine, we need to make use of SEO or search engine organization. Fit your website with SEO by using keywords and people engagement. SO make sure not just be ready for people interest but also google demand. In other words, don’t let your website have a rest instead keep on updating and coming with fresh content daily but with google SEO rules so you get more viewers and raise our selling rate.

internet advertising
internet advertising
  • Decide your own goal

So you tried your best with people engagement, google SEO now you decide yourself. In order to keep up with fresh content every the other times, then you have to set your own goal whether what type of contents, when and why you have to choose this plan instead of others. You might also need to know  your competitor strategy so you can fill in the gap where they did it wrong.

These are the various steps you can try to make a successful internet marketing. However there is no instant in this reality. You have to keep on doing trial and error to get better and better. There is no standard to say that you did it fast or slow, right or wrong only whether you reach your goal or not. So, don’t limit yourself with what shouldn’t have been a distraction.

The Best Way To Learn Internet Marketing Step by Step From Experienced People

It’s interesting how everything in life now are better with internet connection. It can be your commercial, your shop, your service or even any other kind of things you offer for people to use. Internet marketing is where you put descriptions, to attract people and to let people know better about the thing you are offering to the world. But out of thousands, how to be better at it?

Just like how youtuber, blogger, or maybe web content owner at, we need to learn internet marketing as much as we can. There are courses available both online or direct meeting if you are interesting. However, is that the best you can do to make your internet marketing better? Is there anything an experienced people would like to say as a trick toward internet marketing comprehension?

Learn Internet Marketing
Learn Internet Marketing

To learn internet marketing better you must first know that there are several components in it. They are SEO or search engine organization, PPC or pay per click, and also email marketing. Through these components you can start to choose which one is the best method to practice internet marketing better and gain more advantages from it. Here is the suggestions from experienced people about learning internet marketing.

What’s the best way to learn internet marketing according to experienced?

  • Read books or articles related to basic information about internet marketing

It’s better for you if you already familiarize yourself with terms that stands for anything related to internet marketing. The first step will lead you to first see what things that makes you fail. What things that should have been your focus to fix what’s previously unorganized. Basically when you understand the terms, you will start to question whether this one may influence this one to make your internet marketing better in getting more costumer or viewers.

Learn Internet Marketing
Learn Internet Marketing
  • Include yourself in online internet marketing courses

If you are university students, you might not have much time left to take direct meeting courses due to your own busy activity at campus. Online internet marketing courses are way easier and flexible to access such as youtube or even maybe just ordinary article. But there are also low cost courses that can actually help you to start arrange your internet marketing into what you wish for. Trust me they help.

  • Have a relation with somebody who knows how to do it

You can either hire those freelancers that are helpful to your internet marketing with lower budget. The thing is it’s about what’s your goal. If you want to build and develop your own internet marketing then you don’t have to include yourself in it otherwise if you learn it for yourself to keep. Either you have a friend to tell you or you hire somebody expert to arrange your internet marketing better you can choose for your own better internet marketing.

  • Observe your trial and errors

You can’t expect yourself to have a better internet marketing in one try. The thing is it depends on what type of customers and targeted goal or even the thing you are offering and where you stock it. Keep on trying until you get the best one. Get a help from the expert you have known or even through that online internet marketing course. Get a domain and practice the whole thing you heard or known.

  • Develop a strategy

Have you ever heard about SEO article before? The point of hiring somebody or buying SEO article is that they can get highest result in google and people might be interested to click it. Though SEO article your internet marketing will develop into something more popular since it can get higher rank in google search engine. But that’s only one of the strategy you can develop for your internet marketing. Find out what’s the strategy your competitor apply and try to make it fit your own.

Learn Internet Marketing
Learn Internet Marketing
  • Keep on practicing and asking process

There are people out there who are successful in their internet marketing only in such short times. However nobody knows how they did it right? Keep develop your own and learn from the expert as you practice again and again. So the implementation is what this is all about. Books, online courses, a friend or helper that is an experts. Keep trial and error always work and develop your own strategy.

If you wish for something a little more academic, then you can take those certified courses out there from universities. However first you might need to know your own weakness. So your course will not just an ordinary course you usually tend to in your campus. For your consideration, there are a lot of people who has shared their experience in online marketing nowadays online. So surf the internet more.

How To Make Money Online, Lots of Monies

The fast development of information technology provides many conveniences in almost every aspect of life in modern society. The internet not only connects us to the outside world, but also provides opportunity to earn income in which we can run a business entirely online, as well as to support our offline business.

Type Of Business Based On Dependence On The Internet

Broadly speaking, in this modern era business types are divided into at least three, namely offline business, online business, and offline and online combination business.
Offline business is a conventional business model with an office or physical business place that can be accessed by consumers, such as a grocery store. Even so, offline businesses nowadays also need online promotion support, for example through social media marketing.

make money online
make money online

While online business such as  is a type of business with its core business fully relies on internet technology. Offices for small-scale online businesses usually make use of private homes. And if they have an official office. This does not mean that the office can be accessed freely by the public.

All transactions are made through an online platform. For example, the Go-Jek transportation service provider. We cannot order Go-Jek drivers directly like we order a conventional motorbike taxi. All bookings must be made through their application. This type of business is also called startup.

In addition to the startup business, there are also types of businesses that rely solely on internet technology. But instead of selling goods or services, they provide online entertainment. For example YouTubers are actively posting videos on their channels, with various contents from comedy, product reviews, tutorials, performances, and so on.

Those popular Youtubers and other social media celebrities usually have thousands and even millions of followers or subscribers. That kind of traffic generates income from advertising. Many young people become famous overnight and making a lot of money from the social media channels they have.

There are also types of businesses that combine online and offline strategies. These types of businesses such as online shops that sell products online and but also offline. This type of business is quite popular among the public, because anyone can set up such a business to sell all types of goods and services.

Internet Marketing Strategy

Thanks to internet, broaden the scope of our target market would have never been this easier. It also facilitates the process of buying and selling and make financial transactions quicker. Therefore it is important to have skill and knowledge regarding internet marketing strategies.

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There are many ways you can do for online marketing, both free and paid, through our own sites and other online platforms.

Free online marketing for example posting promotional content through our own media such as websites, blogs, and social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, etc.). We can also use other online platforms for free, for example through email marketing, by sending product offerings to potential customers directly to their personal emails.

make money online
make money online

We can also implement SEO strategies in our online site to make it easier for users to find our products through search engines. This SEO will bring our site to the top position in the search page. When users enter certain keywords related to the product we sell. This SEO can be done on both On Page and Off Page.

In addition we can pay for online advertising such as Pay Per Click (PPC), Google AdWords, Google Adsense, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and so on. That will put our ads in strategic positions with great potential to be seen by internet users. For example, ads are placed at the very top of the search page, or ads that appear on social media when users open their accounts.

Although this latter type of ads is sometimes not directly relevant to users because they are not looking for the products we offer. However this method can build brand awareness that will bring future sales.

All Startup Businesses Need to Know About Funding

You certainly often hear about startup companies. If you are familiar with Tokopedia, Ruangguru, Cermati, Traveloka, dadupoker or Go-Jek, they are some example of successful startup companies in Indonesia. Following the success of those startups in Indonesia, many people now want to set up their own startups and pour their business ideas.

However, having desire and ideas alone are not enough. One important element to starting a startup is funding. There are several stages in startup funding. A big investor might be able to fund all stages, but sometimes an investor only funds certain stages and the startup company must find other investors to continue with the funding.

Most common types of startup funding

  1. Pre-Seed Funding

Pre-seed funding is the initial stage for startups in order to raise funds. At this stage, the startup company introduces their business model and its potentials. The investors involved in this stage can be family or relatives, angels, and accelerators. Usually, at this pre-seed stage, a startup will receive a small investment that is useful to start a business process.

  1. Seed Funding
Seed Funding
Seed Funding

Still classified as the initial stage in funding. At this stage the capital from investors is usually intended to help startups to move from the product development process.

The funding in this stage will generally help in recruiting competent staff and renting or setting up offices. It is also time to pay attention to the early results and identify whether the products has addressed the right market. For investors, it is time to pay attention to whether the startup has been run according to the target and expectation. Investors at this stage usually come from angels, venture capitalists, and accelerators.

  1. Series A

This is the stage where startups already have several flagship products with many customers. However, startups still need to continue with innovation to expand their business. The key to funding at this stage is finding the right venture capitalists and also looking for suitable partners.

  1. Series B

At this stage, startups usually have been 2-4 years old, which is marked by having a regular customer base that generates profits. The purpose of funding at this stage is to maximize market and business expansion.

  1. Series C

At this stage, funding is used to make a massive expansion of products, as well as the market, namely by opening branches, both nationally and internationally. Investors who provide funding at this stage are usually banks, private equity entities, capitalists’ ventures, as well as hedge funds.

  1. Initial Public Offering (IPO)
Initial Public Offering (IPO)
Initial Public Offering (IPO)

The IPO is the final stage in startup funding. At this stage, startup shares are sold openly on the stock exchange. Normally, a startup needs a minimum of 5-10 years to reach IPO stage.

4 Main Types of Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is a method to promote products or services that becomes popular recently and it grows bigger than the traditional marketing. With various option of social media and the way people execute online marketing, it makes internet marketing a broad term to describe. To help you get the idea of how internet marketing works, here are some of the most popular type of internet marketing you need to know about.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing or SEM is an effort to keep your site on top rank of search engine result. It will make users find you easily and lead them to visit your site or view your products. You can apply SEO (Search Engine Optimization) system in your website, which include having content with certain keywords that are most likely used by people in the search engine. Apart from that you can also use paid search platforms like the one provided by Google called Google Adwords.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click (PPC)
Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC is a way of promoting your products or services by generating clicks on the advertisement you put online. Everytime your ads is clicked, you pay a small fee to the search engine. There are two type of PPC, namely search ads and display ads.

Search ads type will put your ads at the top of the search results whenever users enter certain keywords related to your products. You can use PPC platforms such as Google AdWords or Bing Ads. While display ads type allow your ads to be put in various sites from Facebook, Google AdSense, Instagram, Quora Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and many more. For example, your ads will be appeared on users’ Facebook feed when they open their Facebook account even they are not looking for your products. It is a great way to raise product awareness, and next time users need products like you sell they will tend to refer to you.

Social Media

Social Media
Social Media

Social media is an effective way to promote your products, it can be done organically or paid advertising. You can also either use it for branding or direct sales. The flexibility of social media and its effetiveness makes it the most popular platform for digital marketing. Some big players of social media include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and also Snapchat and Tumblr.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing
Email Marketing

It is important to have list of emails of your customers or potential customers. Through email you can share special offers or discounts, catalogue, new release, and many more. The goal of email marketing is to keep your products in the users mind and address them personally.