Proper Digital Marketing Tools to Improve Company Profit

Competing in the business world is not easy now. Competition happens everywhere, so you need to try hard to do promotions. You need to understand that there is a digital marketing strategy that can help increase sales turnover.

You need to attract the attention of consumers by using digital technology. You need to make consumers know the whereabouts of your company, so it needs to continue to appear using a variety of platforms that you can use on smartphones. Companies that don’t think about this strategy will lose out compared to companies that care about digital marketing.

Proper Digital Marketing Tools to Improve Company Profit
Proper Digital Marketing Tools to Improve Company Profit
Approach Method for Improving Digital Strategy

You need to know there are three approaches in the digital world of strategy namely Opportunity, Strategy, and Action. Every person has the opportunity to develop a business very much. Sometimes people do not realize the opportunities are always wide open to be able to develop a business. One way to realize this opportunity, then you have to read a lot and gather information.

Then you can find out what strategies should be done in a number of possibilities. Perform a simulation of the possibilities that can occur and think of solutions before starting to act. Whereas in the last part is to do everything that has been designed in the strategy.

You can start using free templates from digital marketing benchmarks. These templates really help you save time in creating advertisements on various social media. After filling out the template with information about your company, you can spread it via e-mail as well.

Proper Digital Marketing Tools to Improve Company Profit
Proper Digital Marketing Tools to Improve Company Profit
Reasons Using a Digital Marketing Strategy

You already know how to run a digital marketing strategy and the rest you need to run consistently. Reasons why it’s important to use this strategy:

  1. Prevent a company from losing direction

A company needs to have clear goals every time. The goal can be a standard in finding new customers or building deeper relationships with existing customers. When you have a clear goal, the company will be able to evaluate digital marketing to achieve that goal.

  1. Startup Competitors Can Get a Broader Market

It is no longer a secret that many startups have sprung up all over the world. The startup is based on technological developments, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic occurred. Competition in digital marketing is getting tougher and tougher. Companies that don’t do digital marketing will be swamped by startups that do digital marketing.

  1. Digital Marketing is Always Sacrificed

There are some companies that are not based on technology always assume that promotion through digital is the last thing they need to do. That can be caused by a lack of resources and e-marketing experts. Even though e-marketing in this era is very important to support the development of a company’s turnover.

  1. Wasting Company Money is Free

A company that does not have e-marketing still needs to run their digital marketing strategy by recruiting from other companies that are able to promote it through technology.

Jobs In Digital Marketing

Everything goes digital lately including businesses. To reach wider costumers, the internet has a huge contribution. Yet there are many ways to use the internet in flourishing the business and sometimes they need more than one person to handle. Hence, more and more jobs in digital marketing appear nowadays. If you are interested in this area, here is some short insight into jobs in digital marketing.

Jobs In Digital Marketing
Jobs In Digital Marketing
What is digital marketing?

Like its name, digital marketing includes the attempt to reach audiences or costumers and to market the product with the help of the internet. There are many aspects of this attempt including the strategies, the internet tools, psychology marketing, the approach, and more.

To excel on the internet which has various aspects, a brand or business should be managed by the professionals. Each profession has its job descriptions and requirements. Those professionals will work synergically to market the business.

Digital marketing jobs

For big companies and businesses, all jobs mentioned below are possibly needed. Meanwhile, for smaller businesses or Start-up companies, some positions can be run by one person. The positions are:

Digital marketing manager

People who come from a managerial background or diploma most likely suit this position. A manager should create plans and campaigns, analyze trends, build digital marketing strategies, deciding the online platforms, apply the approach, and more regarding the company’s needs. A digital marketing manager should at least understand the basics of ads serving tools, web (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), SEO, SEM, website analytics tools.

For bigger companies, the manager might not be so expert on those mentioned job description. The manager should focus on directing the campaigns, making decisions, and taking some risks. The detailed job such as designing and building webs, content creating and running social media are the responsibilities for the other jobs.

Jobs In Digital Marketing
Jobs In Digital Marketing
Social media marketer

To get closer to the targeted consumers, good branding through social media attracts more consumers and that is a social media marketer’s job. A social media marketer can give out promos, make surveys, respond to costumers’ comments to market and build a good ‘brand’ about the product. A social media marketer can also manage more than one social medium. A media social marketer in small companies might as well respond to costumers’ chat, but in bigger companies, there are customer services.

Content strategist and managers

This position focuses on the content to be shared. After deciding a campaign and strategy, a content strategist and manager will make the contents including articles, videos, graphics, and more. For big projects, a content manager might hire and supervise freelance writers, graphic designers, or video editors.

User Experience Designer

This position is responsible for making a comfortable user experience through the companies’ website. The designer could work together with the digital marketing manager to design the ‘catchy and easy’ site.

5 Essential Things to Learn in Digital Marketing

We have come to the digital marketing era. Almost all companies in the world use this marketing strategy. The reason is, this method is faster, easier, and more widely reach consumers.

If you don’t implement it, your competition might gain control of the market for your product. Of course, you don’t want this, do you?

Now, to be able to take good digital marketing steps, there are a number of things that need to be mastered. We have summarized it for you. So you don’t need to worry.

5 Essential Things to Learn in Digital Marketing
5 Essential Things to Learn in Digital Marketing
What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a product marketing effort using digital media and internet networks.

Many advantages of digital marketing compared to traditional marketing efforts. These advantages are convenience in reaching wider target markets, requiring lower costs, and using two-way communication with potential customers.

Digital marketing is important to do for the following reasons:

  • It can be used by all types of businesses
  • Increases revenue effectively
  • It can reach specific target consumers
  • Can be used regardless of the device used
  • It can help build your business brand
  1. Creating a Website

The website is the center of online business activities that you build. Not only as an online identity but also to build a good and professional online reputation.

There are many ways to create a website. However, the easiest is to use the WordPress platform. The trick, you can simply buy a domain and subscribe to hosting. Without a long process, your website is ready online.

  1. Using Business Email

Your digital marketing steps are incomplete without having an official business email. Why is this important? Because it looks more professional and can increase customer confidence.

How to make it is very easy. Just specify the email platform to use and connect with your domain name.

  1. Make a Buyer Persona

A building buyer persona is very important in general business success. Specifically, in an effort to do digital marketing.

Buyer Persona is a representation profile of the target market for your product. By having a buyer persona, the promotion step taken can be more targeted.

To build a buyer persona, you have to start by doing deep research. Then, continue with a few other steps in a structured way.

  1. Implement Copywriting Strategies

Copywriting is a technique that makes writing interesting and persuasive so that many people buy the products offered. Copywriting you can use on all marketing media that you use. Starting from idnplay poker blogs, newsletters to advertisements on Google or Facebook.

Learning copywriting can be done in six steps. Starting with understanding your product first.

  1. Using accurate SEO techniques

If you already have a website, follow the steps to use SEO. Search Engine Optimization aims to make your website appear in the top ranking of Google.

There are quite a lot of techniques in SEO. Starting from keyword research, optimization so that the website is mobile friendly to do link building. However, learning SEO is not as difficult as you might think.

5 Essential Things to Learn in Digital Marketing
5 Essential Things to Learn in Digital Marketing

Understanding Digital Marketing and Develop the Best Framework

Internet is the main factor that changes many aspects. In old day, you watched TV program or listened a radio station. Advertising agencies used both as marketing media. Moreover, people read printed media such as books, flyer, newspaper, brochure, and anything you can grasp. Those were the examples of traditional marketing.

Today, you see ads on website and social media. Companies create brand awareness to capture attention with digital media. At first glance, traditional and digital marketing seems to be in the opposite sides. However, both still utilizes same approach but different media.

Marketing agencies must be familiar with digital methods such as SEO, social media, email, data-driven marketing, website, ecommerce, digital marketplace, and influencer. As you know, internet and website started in early 1990s. Today, everyone can create and publish a website. It does not mean this is what digital marketing supposed to be. On the contrary, marketing involves strategic framework. Internet is just media and tool.

Understanding Digital Marketing and Develop the Best Framework
Understanding Digital Marketing and Develop the Best Framework
Framework and Strategy

The next section will explore several ideas, concept, principle, framework, and strategy related with digital marketing. The interesting fact is you will find tons of stuffs from various experts and professional. As starting point, you should understand the basic concept.

  1. Concept and principle

The most common approach of marketing is framework that involves awareness, interest, desire, and action. You can try any method and media, but the key concepts are still those four things. Keep in mind that marketing is not just selling and trading. People buy a product or order a service after marketing exposure. Selling is the action after all steps have been implemented.

It starts with awareness such as introducing new products. This stage is the critical point because people need to know or at least have awareness. After that, you focus on how to make awareness turns into interest. In this case, marketing should definite needs and wants. The third step is desire from customers.

  1. Strategy

You have several choices for framework and strategy. Some of them are complex that require more analysis and development. In fact, anything complex comes from simple concept. In this situation, you should understand digital marketing from the simplest perspective.

The framework consists of define, implement, analyze and optimize. You can modify them and adjust with your situation. Define and assess a situation the formulate strategy and media. You implement them and analyze. After that, you optimize and expand for more scope.

  1. The right method for the right situation

One thing you must understand is the right method for the right situation. Digital marketing is just one of tools and strategy you choose. On the other side, some products and projects are still relevant with traditional marketing. You must analyze about pros and cons before making action.

Understanding Digital Marketing and Develop the Best Framework
Understanding Digital Marketing and Develop the Best Framework

How User-Generated Content Moves the World Through Authenticity of Self-Expression

Many kinds of digital marketing strategies such as advertising and the use of influencer marketing services have been utilized by various brands to convey their message to users. On one side, if the promotion is attractive enough, people will be intrigued to purchase the product.

However, on the other side, there are customers who are skeptical of the authenticity of experiences in using or consuming these products, so promotions carried out through advertisements and influencers could create a biased impression for these customers.

How User-Generated Content Moves the World Through Authenticity of Self-Expression
How User-Generated Content Moves the World Through Authenticity of Self-Expression

Smarter and more sophisticated consumers are growing heavily skeptical in skin lightening products which are probably never being used by the influencers endorsing it in the first place. They also despise weight loss gels post which promise in losing several pounds just in several weeks with before and after photo which most likely to be stolen elsewhere and edited. In the case of advertisements, the use green screen effects to create more dramatic and out-of-the-world effects are hard to relate with daily life.

Imagine now that you’ve created a product like no other. It has been through multiple trials and errors and its performance is on its best based on the tests you’ve conducted. The price range and the market target have been determined. Then, you think about the next step: what should you do if you want to build consumer’s trust to invest in your product? Give them the liberty to communicate through your product voluntarily, or as known as user-generated content (UGC) marketing strategy!

The main reason why communicating your brand through UGC instead of hiring an influencer or brand ambassador perceived to be more honest and engaging is because of the spotlight you’ve given to consumers in whether posting photos of them using your product in their Instagram or making TikTok videos using your product as a gimmick.

How User-Generated Content Moves the World Through Authenticity of Self-Expression
How User-Generated Content Moves the World Through Authenticity of Self-Expression

UGC campaigns are the best way to increase engagement. In fact, product users like to share their creativity on social media to reach more people to like on their social media pages. Brand owners harness this trend to level up using interesting campaigns or challenges to reach other users beyond the initial market target.

The brand message is communicated through individuals instead of company, thus encouraging more people to share the content to their followers. How about the benefit of UGC for you as the brand owner? You can get diverse promotion materials for your feeds, as long as you ask for permission to re-post their content.

Let’s put an example of UGC application in social media. Maybelline, a famous global cosmetic brand incorporates UGC to promote its product. What is the best way to deliver a message of diverse beauty if not through the faces of various race and ethnicity in doing a makeup tutorial and photo shoots? By using strong visual content of specific facial parts, people are talking nonstop about Maybelline as their holy grail cosmetic, both online and offline.

Makeup artists are also using Maybelline product line to enhance the facial features of their clients—and all of it are posted in Instagram! From foundations, concealers, dadu online, lip creams, mascaras, eyeshadows, all the way to finishing face spray, everything own specific content on its own.

UGC is also used for social movement campaigns. The most famous example of social campaign in 2014 is the Ice Bucket Challenge. The aim of this campaign was to raise public awareness about amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) disease.

This viral trend is gaining attention from millions of users to do the same, which was posting videos of spilled buckets filled with ice water into their heads. In addition to being rapidly viral, the social impact was far greater: People donated more than $ 120 million and it was distributed for ALS treatment research, the patients, and community services.

Tips to Build a Unique Digital Marketing Agency with High Success Rate

In this day and age, the role of digital marketing is undeniable. Its influence is not only limited to business. Even politics and educational sector rely a lot to digital marketing. Because of that, we can see an increase in the number of agencies working specifically in that particular subject. Despite claiming to be an expert in the subject, some marketing campaigns might not work for the clients. In result, the clients do not get expected outcomes thus they will no longer ask for that service from the agency.

Tips to Build a Unique Digital Marketing Agency with High Success Rate
Tips to Build a Unique Digital Marketing Agency with High Success RateTips to Build a Unique Digital Marketing Agency with High Success Rate

If you are interested in building a successful agency that focuses on digital marketing, there are several points that you need to remember as to not leaving your future clients disappointed. The first and foremost aspect in successful marketing agency is the team. You need a super team that knows what they are doing so that you can give your clients the best campaign possible. Hiring process becomes very crucial at this aspect. You need to find people with expertise in content creation, social media usage, digital advertising system, search engine optimization, web designing, and others. It is important to look for people with legitimate portfolio in each expertise area.

It is also important that you set yourself aside from other competitors. To do this, it is recommended that you specialize yourself in certain industry.  There are many reasons why this will benefit the agency in the long run. It helps you becoming more focused when looking for projects. Focusing on certain industry also makes your brand more renown within that industry, especially if the campaigns are successful. Last but definitely not least, specializing in an industry will build a lifelong knowledge about digital marketing system in that specific industry. This kind of knowledge can only be gained through thorough research and continuous trials. Not many agencies consider this issue when starting their digital marketing business.

Tips to Build a Unique Digital Marketing Agency with High Success Rate
Tips to Build a Unique Digital Marketing Agency with High Success Rate

When you are starting a project an extensive research related to the marketing theme is a must-do. The agency needs to know client inside and out. It involves learning about their vision, values, and main theme. The product or service marketed also needs to be understood elaborately. After that part has been established, the agency needs to conduct research on target audience. This will help you tailoring campaign that fits the audience better so that it can be received better. Analyzing competition is another part of the research. This way, you can create a campaign that is different from others.

Customer service is an integral part of your digital marketing business. It is because the agency serves client’s interests. The client must be satisfied with campaign program created by the agency so long-term cooperation can be built. This is done by establishing good and professional two-way communications between parties. If there is an issue with the project, you must contact the client immediately so it can be solved as quickly as possible.

What to Analyse in Digital Marketing

Online marketing may be an unnecessary expense for many entrepreneurs. It is something that entrepreneurs will only dedicate when other areas are all covered. This is due to the performance and the result of an online marketing campaign is not something that you can predict. It can get you more customers and gain success but it can also be an apparent failure. Failure in online marketing means the loss of money and time. However, digital marketing can be science with correct analysis rather than simply a game of change. Analyzing digital marketing is one of the best ways to evaluate whether online marketing works well and also give insight on what aspect to improve. To get correct analysis of marketing data as well as get a reasonable result, here are some aspects to analyze.

What to Analyse in Digital Marketing
What to Analyse in Digital Marketing

Sales revenue

The first factor to evaluate is sales revenue. Many marketers overlook sales revenue but in fact, it is not easy to engage in sales revenue by a certain amount of time into actual marketing activity. Without sales revenue, it will be difficult to see whether the digital marketing well performs or not. To be able to measure sales revenue, you will need a software program specifically designed to measure sales data and other related key performance. The main goal is to get a clear insight into the increasing sales during a certain amount of time.

Social media engagement

Social media is a powerful platform for digital marketing. Countless quality online marketing campaigns start and end with social media. No wonder if social media engagement becomes one of the most important standards to measure the success of a brand campaign. When analyzing social media engagement, it is important to track the engagement rate including the record of likes, engagement rate by post, as well as shares and comments.

What to Analyse in Digital Marketing
What to Analyse in Digital Marketing

Customer retention rate

In any digital marketing campaign, current clients or customer is the most valuable assets. It is important to keep them intact as well as measuring the client retention rate. This point is not as complicated as it seems since you need to keep track of sales in a certain amount of time or how many coupons are used in the system.

Site traffic

Another point to analyze is the website traffic. This can be done using Google Analytics and you can get clear information about your company and whether the marketing campaign truly works or not. You can also use other programs to get information. However, analyzing site traffic help growing awareness and help you to get a better target in the future as well as hone buyer personas.

Cost per click

Cost per click or CPC is a way to measure the effectiveness of investment in advertising. It is simply the amount of click that you have on a specific digital campaign based on the money you have invested. Analyzing CPC allows you to see which specific ads perform well and be the best potential ads for the budget.

The Benefits of Digital Marketing To Improve Growth

In terms of marketing your business to the next level, have you ever tried the digital marketing way?  In case you never know about this marketing strategy, there are many ways your business can benefit from it.  First of all, what does digital marketing refer to?

Digital marketing is all the marketing efforts using only electronic and internet devices.  Thus, a variety of marketing strategies and media advertising is used to communicate with potential customers. Who like to spend their time online searching for products.  Especially in the technological era like now, social media is the fastest and best selling place in terms of marketing almost any type of products and businesses.  Therefore, know some important benefits of digital marketing that you can use for your business growth.

The Benefits of Digital Marketing To Improve Growth
The Benefits of Digital Marketing To Improve Growth
  • A Wide Range and Cost-Effective Solution

Digital marketing will help you reach a wide range of potential customers that are hardly reached using offline or the regular door-to-door marketing.  Thus, the marketing costs of content marketing online are considered more affordable than advertising on television, newspapers and any other traditional marketing strategies.  In addition, digital marketing provides more benefits for small businesses to expand their products. Since it will be less competitive to compete with big businesses in terms of spending on radio ads, TV ads and so forth.


  • Easy to Find Potential Customers

Through digital marketing, the business you offer can easily reach potential customers who are looking for the right products.  That way, it would be easier for you to increase product sales conversions as well as to provide services to the customers.  Therefore, through digital marketing, you can provide services anytime and anywhere, within a far more efficient manner.



  • Make Business Look More Professional

Of course, running a business without using online marketing strategy will be labeled outdated, especially in the era of modern technology like today.  Moreover, it is not only difficult for the products you offer to be reached by customers, but your business will seem to be lacking credibility in the eyes of your potential customers.  Therefore, digital marketing is significant in terms of making your business look more professional and experienced.

The Benefits of Digital Marketing To Improve Growth
The Benefits of Digital Marketing To Improve Growth


  • Evaluate Business More Easily

Here, it will make it easier for you to evaluate your business, especially in terms of flaws or weaknesses.  Besides that, you can also ask for input and reviews from customers, which will simplify your overall business evaluation process.  So, for your business growth, digital marketing makes the evaluation process easier. So you can improve all services quickly and responsively.

  • Increase Profit

Because of this online-based feature, your business will have the chance to convince and attract the attention of many customers of certain products.  Plus, it is mostly possible that digital marketing makes your products searched for and bought by customers.  As a result, to increase profits will be easier than traditional offline marketing.

Digital Wallet as a Solution in Digital Era?

In life, humans need three types of needs. The first requirement is primary needs. Primary needs are the basic needs needed by humans. Derived from the word “primary”, primary needs are needs that should not be ignored by humans. In fact, humans cannot live without their primary needs being met. If the primary needs have been met, then humans can meet their secondary needs. Secondary needs are complementary to primary needs. In contrast to primary needs, these secondary needs are not urgent. Actually, there is still one last need, which is tertiary needs. However, humans in fact can still live only by meeting their primary and secondary needs.

Digital Money
Digital Money

To meet various needs, humans must try and work in order to continue to survive. All of these human needs can only be obtained if humans have money. Therefore, humans work to get money, then the money is used to buy all their needs. That’s how the cycle works. Money is very important in human life. Before the presence of money as a legal instrument of payment, our ancestors exchanged goods or commonly known as barter. However, we as modern humans do not carry out that tradition anymore.

Digital Money

Technology related to money is increasingly sophisticated. Previously we already knew the name of the ATM machine. You certainly already know what an ATM machine is. Then lately, digital money storage devices have arrived. What is it like? Well, this digital money storage tool is certainly different from your wallet. This digital money storage tool is almost the same as a bank account. You don’t keep cash in your pocket or wallet, but you save it on an online server.

Digital Money
Digital Money

The presence of money storage devices or digital wallets is increasing. We can see this from the rise in digital wallet products. In Indonesia alone, the use of digital wallets is increasingly widespread. Various startup companies are competing to develop digital wallets that are better than their competitors. The features contained in this digital wallet are made even more sophisticated and complete. Even more and more users. In fact, some people may not have pocketed cash anymore since the presence of a digital wallet application.

Advantages of Digital Wallet

What are the advantages of digital wallet? Well, in addition to being able to make it easier for you not to bring coins anywhere, digital wallet is also very useful in e-commerce business. E-commerce business or digital business or online business is also increasing in popularity, not only in Indonesia but also throughout the world. You can do all kinds of transactions that you never thought you could do before from your own room.

Digital wallet
Digital wallet

The presence of e-commerce business indeed greatly affects the world economy. The digital age has really arrived. However, that does not mean the presence of this new technology only brings benefits to humans. With all the conveniences offered, humans will become increasingly addicted and dependent on the technology. For example, using a digital wallet makes online shopping transactions easier. This can make them crazy and eager in wasting their money because they actually instead continue to buy goods online that they don’t really need. Therefore, the wisdom of the users must remain number one.

How to Make a Successful Internet Marketing? Here Are the Easy Solutions

Successful  internet marketing can be a tangle process that will consider your own successful product selling. Sometimes you find that your strategy is no longer helpful with what happen know. Or even maybe you haven’t find any suitable strategy to develop your internet marketing. It’s one of the things people find nowadays when they try to develop internet marketing so you are not the only one who try to overcome this familiar issue.

The thing about internet marketing, it’s a relation between what people need or looking for and find it helpful or interesting, google demand to show people the best so they can have salary, and us as the owner of internet marketing or supplier of these contents. As you can imagine, it’s not just providing people with what they need and interest but also to fulfill google requirement so our content is in the top list.

Successful Internet Marketing
Successful Internet Marketing

So, what’s the solution? There are several various things you can do in order to get a better internet marketing or just how to your internet marketing boost your selling rate. Instead of thinking about get yourself off this thing, there are things you have never tried before to try boost and develop your internet marketing. The following is some of the examples you can try.

How to boost your internet marketing into whole different level

  • Know your targeted audience

Like previously written, the first relation is with people. You have to attract people with what they need and what interest them the most. There are strategies to convey your advertisements so it’s not just to the point where you said you offer things but first lead them to think that they need it so they will buy it. knowing who your audience is will also be effective if you start to act as if you are your audience. Once you know how your audience think and count you can attract them more.

  • Develop a unique brand

You must have a competitor, right? Learn what they have and what you don’t. This critical thinking will start to make your brand unique and people will most likely to choose your brand than others. Making your own product looks luxury or overpriced for instance is one the steps you can try to make your product unique. But don’t forget to think like your audience so you wont ruin this image of unique.

  • Consider your brand as impression

If you still let your logo the way it is, and you never create a stunning website organization or aesthetic social media, you are doing it a little worse. Social media, website and your logo are the first thing people will see and they will make their first impression towards it. so, make your logo a good impression. Don’t just make your social media a platform to display but also to attract your audience.

Successful Internet Marketing
Successful Internet Marketing
  • Invest in professionals

People have their own style when it comes to leader. Not everyone can trust anyone easily yes that’s right. However to develop a better internet marketing, hiring a professional is investment. It will give a different impact once you understand what to focus more. Professional knows what to do to make your internet marketing better and more interactive with your audience. It’s fair to say that hiring a professional is worth it for the price.

  • Make use of SEO

Now we have to deal with google. In order to get on top of list in google search engine, we need to make use of SEO or search engine organization. Fit your website with SEO by using keywords and people engagement. SO make sure not just be ready for people interest but also google demand. In other words, don’t let your website have a rest instead keep on updating and coming with fresh content daily but with google SEO rules so you get more viewers and raise our selling rate.

internet advertising
internet advertising
  • Decide your own goal

So you tried your best with people engagement, google SEO now you decide yourself. In order to keep up with fresh content every the other times, then you have to set your own goal whether what type of contents, when and why you have to choose this plan instead of others. You might also need to know  your competitor strategy so you can fill in the gap where they did it wrong.

These are the various steps you can try to make a successful internet marketing. However there is no instant in this reality. You have to keep on doing trial and error to get better and better. There is no standard to say that you did it fast or slow, right or wrong only whether you reach your goal or not. So, don’t limit yourself with what shouldn’t have been a distraction.