How To Make Money Online, Lots of Monies

The fast development of information technology provides many conveniences in almost every aspect of life in modern society. The internet not only connects us to the outside world, but also provides opportunity to earn income in which we can run a business entirely online, as well as to support our offline business.

Type Of Business Based On Dependence On The Internet

Broadly speaking, in this modern era business types are divided into at least three, namely offline business, online business, and offline and online combination business.
Offline business is a conventional business model with an office or physical business place that can be accessed by consumers, such as a grocery store. Even so, offline businesses nowadays also need online promotion support, for example through social media marketing.

make money online
make money online

While online business such as  is a type of business with its core business fully relies on internet technology. Offices for small-scale online businesses usually make use of private homes. And if they have an official office. This does not mean that the office can be accessed freely by the public.

All transactions are made through an online platform. For example, the Go-Jek transportation service provider. We cannot order Go-Jek drivers directly like we order a conventional motorbike taxi. All bookings must be made through their application. This type of business is also called startup.

In addition to the startup business, there are also types of businesses that rely solely on internet technology. But instead of selling goods or services, they provide online entertainment. For example YouTubers are actively posting videos on their channels, with various contents from comedy, product reviews, tutorials, performances, and so on.

Those popular Youtubers and other social media celebrities usually have thousands and even millions of followers or subscribers. That kind of traffic generates income from advertising. Many young people become famous overnight and making a lot of money from the social media channels they have.

There are also types of businesses that combine online and offline strategies. These types of businesses such as online shops that sell products online and but also offline. This type of business is quite popular among the public, because anyone can set up such a business to sell all types of goods and services.

Internet Marketing Strategy

Thanks to internet, broaden the scope of our target market would have never been this easier. It also facilitates the process of buying and selling and make financial transactions quicker. Therefore it is important to have skill and knowledge regarding internet marketing strategies.

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There are many ways you can do for online marketing, both free and paid, through our own sites and other online platforms.

Free online marketing for example posting promotional content through our own media such as websites, blogs, and social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, etc.). We can also use other online platforms for free, for example through email marketing, by sending product offerings to potential customers directly to their personal emails.

make money online
make money online

We can also implement SEO strategies in our online site to make it easier for users to find our products through search engines. This SEO will bring our site to the top position in the search page. When users enter certain keywords related to the product we sell. This SEO can be done on both On Page and Off Page.

In addition we can pay for online advertising such as Pay Per Click (PPC), Google AdWords, Google Adsense, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and so on. That will put our ads in strategic positions with great potential to be seen by internet users. For example, ads are placed at the very top of the search page, or ads that appear on social media when users open their accounts.

Although this latter type of ads is sometimes not directly relevant to users because they are not looking for the products we offer. However this method can build brand awareness that will bring future sales.