SEO, A Secret Weapon In Internet Marketing

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a popular approach in internet marketing. SEO will ensure that your site rank well in search engine results. In SEO strategies, there are two important things that must be done by an internet marketer, namely: SEO On Page and SEO Off Page.

SEO On Page is a method to design website that is SEO friendly by make the most of components in the website, such as layout and design, good navigation, internal links, certain keywords in the contents, etc. While SEO Off Page is an effort to optimize a website through other links or sites that link back (backlinks) to our website.


Why SEO is essential in internet marketing? Because it brings many advantages, some of them are explained as follows:

1. Generating Potential Traffic To The Business Website

As mentioned before that a well-optimized website page swill get a good ranking in search engines such as Google. The better the position of your website page on Google, the greater the chance of getting visitors (traffic). This potential visitors will later become potential customers for your business.
Google users usually enter unique keywords when they search for certain products they need, or find useful information to provide solutions to their problems. Google then show list of sites based on those keywords. Designing a website that is SEO friendly will bring your site at the top list of the result, in which it will lead to more traffics to your site.

2. Increase Brand Awareness

When a brand is recognized and remembered by prospective customers, it means that they are aware of your brand and products. Maybe people don’t need your products when they see your brand in the first place, but next time they need it, their sub-conscious mind will associate it with your brand. To build brand awareness, we can use various methods, one of them is SEO.

3. Get Data Of Your Customers For Free


Customer data is very important in internet marketing. Getting information about email addresses, phone numbers, home addresses of your customers or potential customers is a valuable asset to promote your products to them directly. You can easily contact them and share information on new products or special promotional offers. With SEO that generating traffic to your site, collecting customer data will be easier. Don’t forget that you also need other services to store the customer data base, for example an autoresponder service to build customer email list.